Layered Taco Salad

layered taco salad

This layered taco salad came out of my endless enthusiasm for making pretty much anything for dinner that has the word "taco" in it.  Good old regular tacos are one of the best things ever invented, so it stands to reason that anything that riffs off of tacos has a good chance of being a hit at the supper table.  Tacos, you never let me down.  And so now that it is getting to be the time of year when salads are the order of the day, I wanted to add yet another taco salad to my repertoire of taco deliciousness.  This time in a layered version, full of spicy meat, sweet cornbread, shredded cheese and lots of cool and crunchy veggies.  Here goes! Read More & Get the Recipe

Chopped Antipasto Salad

chopped antipasto salad

I have an enormous crush on antipasto.  Or what I consider antipasto, which (with apologies to all my Italian friends out there) means a giant platter of cheese and smoked meats and veggies that you are encouraged to snack on to your hearts content.  However, as I understand it, traditional antipasto usually includes a few things that I don't like.  Olives.  Roasted red peppers.  PICKLED MUSHROOMS.  So I decided to go rogue and build an antipasto full of only things I like, and since I am breaking all kinds of antipasto rules anyway, to turn it into a salad.  Because, why not? Read More & Get the Recipe

Shortcut Fried Chicken Salad

shortcut fried chicken salad

Things I am not shy about include the following:  That I am totally willing to put bacon into pretty much anything, including all forms of dessert.  That I keep a bag of puffed Cheetos in my house at all times in case of, you know, emergency.  Puffed, not the crunchy kind.  That every once in a while, it is okay to serve your family Frito Chili Pie for dinner, so long as you make them something super-healthy both the day before and the day after.  And that there is a time and place for working KFC chicken into your fried chicken salad, and that if you do, your fried chicken salad is going to taste all kinds of magnificent. Read More & Get the Recipe

Poached Egg and Roasted Vegetable Salad

roasted vegetable salad with poached egg

There's something about roasting vegetables that is just some kind of magic.  Not that there is anything wrong with a plain old raw carrot, but when you take that same carrot, mix it up with some little potatoes and some beets and toss the whole thing with a little olive oil and salt and roast it until everything is warm and tender on the inside and a little crispy on the outside...that is Vegetable Magic.  And when you put those roasted veggies on some lettuce and top the whole thing off with a poached egg...hello, GORGEOUS! Read More & Get the Recipe

Ramen Burgers!

ramen burger

I'm having a torrid fling with ramen noodles lately.  Yup, those 39 cent packets of evil deliciousness that we all lived on the first year we graduated from college because we couldn't afford anything else.  For years after that era in my life, I didn't even think about ramen, much less buy it and eat it.  Until recently, when for some reason I developed deep ramen yearning that led to this cheesy ramen soup, and then recently to this dish of ramen topped with a cheeseburger, a little bacon, some chopped greens and a drizzle of sesame oil over the whole thing.  Yup.  I'm at Defcon One, ramen-wise. Read More & Get the Recipe

BLT Chopped Salad

BLT Salad

The Southern husband and I are inordinately fond of both wedge salads and BLTs.  They are both scrumptiously delicious in their own endearing ways, and I've waxed poetic about both of them on this very site.  But they both share one teeny tiny flaw, which is that they are a little unwieldy to eat.  They require knives and slicing and dripping and napkins, none of which has ever stopped us even for a second, but still, I took it as a challenge.  And so...I put the two of them together and CHOPPED them.  As in, BLT chopped salad! Read More & Get the Recipe