Zucchini Pasta with Ricotta

pasta with zucchini and ricotta

So, how's the zucchini out by you these days?  Here in sultry New Jersey it has us surrounded, which is as good an excuse as any to make this zucchini pasta with ricotta recipe ...and which in turn lets me indulge two of my favorite things to do; using my lethal weapon of a mandoline, and making yet another pot of fresh ricotta.  Neither one of which should scare you off, since you can make this dish perfectly nicely with a regular knife and ricotta from the store, but I'm just saying. Read More & Get the Recipe

Cucumber Mint Noodles

cucumber mint salad

Those of you who are frequent visitors to Framed Cooks (I love you all!) may be noticing that things are looking a little different around here, and more on that as soon as I finish telling you about my latest noodle adventure!  One of the great discoveries my summer so far has been that noodles can come from many places.  I already knew about the pasta boxes that line my pantry, but apparently there is this whole world of carrot and squash and cucumber and probably millions of other fresh summer veggies that make dang good noodles.  That discovery, along with a gift of some cucumbers and the mint that is taking over the world in my back yard led me to one of my current noodle crushes: cucumber mint noodles, which are dressed with an easy lemon ginger sauce to give them a little kick.  Let's talk noodles! Read More & Get the Recipe

Tuna Pasta Salad

tuna pasta salad

The lazy hazy days are finally here, and I am beside myself with happiness at all the fresh local veggies that are popping up at my local farm market.  I'm tossing them into every single thing I can think of, including and most especially supper, and one of my favorites is this quick and easy tuna pasta salad, which has loads of one of my personal favorites, sweet and sunny cherry tomatoes.  A handful of those babies, some fresh lemon, a little pasta and the best jarred or canned tuna you can get your mitts on, and you are all set for a light and lovely summer supper! Read More & Get the Recipe

Chicken with Pan-Roasted Cherry Tomatoes

chicken with roasted cherry tomatoes

This quick and bursting with flavor recipe for chicken with pan-roasted cherry tomatoes is not only cheery and scrumptious and easy to make on a busy weeknight, but it is also helpful if you are the impatient type like me.  Nope, it's not enough for me that my herbs are lushly growing away in whiskey barrels outside my door, and that my mom is bringing me bunches of garlic scapes from the farmer's market, and that the azaleas are in glorious bloom and that the windows are open all over the house.  Nope.  Some people are only completely happy when the local tomatoes are in season, and this cherry tomato recipe is for THOSE people.  (Raises hand.)  Because by some miracle of tomato wonderfulness, while the off-season big tomato doesn't taste like much, the cherry tomato is flavorful all year round.  And therefore so is this chicken supper! Read More & Get the Recipe

Pasta with Lemon Blue Cheese Rosemary Sauce, and a Blogaversary!

Pasta with lemon blue cheese rosemary sauce

This post is mainly about pasta with lemon blue cheese rosemary sauce, but it's falling on the six year anniversary of this little blog of mine, so I have a few things to say about that as well.  A whole lot of them start with thank you and some of them include a trip down memory lane.  So if you are eager to get to things that involve lemons and fresh summery rosemary and blue cheese, head on down to the bottom of the post where that recipe is waiting for you.  But since you are reading this right now, you are among the folks I want to say thank you to.  So if you have time, read the middle part too.  Here we go! Read More & Get the Recipe

Jamie Oliver’s Chicken Baked in Milk

chicken baked in milk

THIS CHICKEN CHANGES EVERYTHING.  I think I ran around my kitchen saying that over and over again after I snuck the first bite (okay, the first 5 or 6 bites) as I was serving it up.  This comes from Jamie Oliver's recipe, and I had heard about it so many times that I finally had to see what all the rhapsodizing was about.  Cooking a chicken in milk is a little offbeat, but the Southern husband and I love cooking pork chops in milk - we've done it for years - and so I thought what the heck.  I got myself a chicken and some milk...but little did I know that this was going to be one those days that a recipe rocked my world.  I  love it when that happens. Read More & Get the Recipe