Winter Vegetable Soup

winter vegetable soup

Here we are again, smack in the cold and frosty heart of winter.  So you know what we need?  Well, besides crackling fires and lots of blankets and dogs that curl up obligingly on our toes?  We need SOUP.  Warm, wonderful, thick, creamy good and good for you soup.  And lots of it.  And since it is January and I am still in the midst of being pretty good about my post-holiday light eating, I need all that warm thick creaminess to come without any, well, cream.  That's not too much to ask, do you think?  Me too. Read More & Get the Recipe

Spring Vegetable Risotto with Poached Egg


I'm finally starting to believe that the Long Winter of 2014 might actually, really, potentially be over.  My mom's daffodils are finally up.  I can see little tiny buds on our cherry tree.  The 12 foot mound of snow that has been in our driveway for months has melted into nothing.  And so visions of spring veggies are dancing in my head...and in this particular vision, they are nestled into a creamy risotto with a poached egg melting into the whole thing.  That's a good vision, right?  Let's make it a reality. Read More & Get the Recipe

Cauliflower Blue Cheese Soup


I started my serious relationship with cauliflower back a few years ago when the Southern husband and I decided to give the Atkins Diet a whirl.  Remember that one?  It promised you could eat all the bacon you wanted, so long as not one single carbohydrate passed your lips.  This sounds like heaven to me, until I got to the second day and realized that I loved carbohydrates as much as I love bacon, and the only reason I lasted on it long enough to lose a few pounds was that I realized that whipped cauliflower was actually almost as good as mashed potatoes. I had never truly appreciated the deliciousness of cauliflower before then, but ever since I've been figuring out different ways to serve it up, including this scrumptious cauliflower and blue cheese soup! Read More & Get the Recipe

Gorgonzola Honey Leek Tart


I love and adore blue cheese with a purple passion, and I am forever tossing yet another hunk of it in my grocery cart.  But one of the reasons that I love it - the sharp, tangy, cheesy flavor - is also one of the reasons I always have leftover blue cheese.  A little goes a long way. As a result, I am always looking for ways to use up the current leftover chunk of blue cheese that is always lounging around in my fridge.  And that is how this easy and elegant gorgonzola honey and leek tart was born! Read More & Get the Recipe

Chicken with Spring Vegetables and Gnocchi


Chicken and dumplings, how do I love thee?  More ways than there would be room to list in this post, that's for sure.  And while one of the reasons I love it so is that chicken and dumplings is a warm and hearty comfort food, that heartiness used to keep this in the Cold Winter's Night part of my recipe repertoire.  But now that I've found a version that replaces the dumplings with gnocchi and that introduces some spring veggies into the action?  Chicken and dumplings all year round! Read More & Get the Recipe

Spring Vegetable Risotto


Yes, I realize it is a little late in the year to be posting something called Spring Vegetable Risotto.  I could have completely cheated and changed the title of the recipe to Summer Vegetable Risotto, because honestly, all the wonderful veggies that make up this scrumptious dish are around all summer long, but I have to be straight with you and just admit that I am, well, a little behind in terms of getting my recipes up in a timely manner.    That's what I get for being an obsessive cook!  But truly, you can make this one anytime between April and September and still get the benefit of all the fabulous flavors.  There are peas... I actually used fresh ones because I had some, but the recipe calls for frozen, so don't worry if you hadn't planned to spend your day shelling peas.  (Full disclosure: the Southern husband shelled the peas.  My honesty continues.) There's also asparagus... And leeks. Side note: when I was a kid, either my mom or my grandmother, can't remember Read More & Get the Recipe