Lasagna Soup!


Here's the thing about lasagna and cooking when there are only two people living in your house.  You can't do it.  Well, you CAN do it, if you are up for eating lasagna for a solid week straight, but there's no reasonable way (that I have yet discovered) to cook lasagna for two the traditional way.  So until my Southern daughter and all her hordes of friends come back from college for the summer, I'm just going to have to be untraditional.  As in, I'm turning that lasagna into a hearty, warm and wonderful soup. Read More & Get the Recipe

Summer Lasagne


This recipe made me ridiculously happy in every way.First of all, it is one of those recipes that looks like you slaved over it for hours when really you messed around in the kitchen for about 20 minutes. Second, it takes full advantage of the fresh and wonderful summer veggies that are starting to trickle in -- young fresh basil, sweet cherry tomatoes, and zucchini. Third, it is yet another recipe that calls for fresh ricotta, thereby helping me satisfy my new obsession with making my own ricotta (and as always, you feel free to buy your ricotta at the supermarket, the way well-adjusted people do.) Fourth, the reason it is called "Summer Lasagne" is because you don't bake it. Nope, no oven required. Last but not least, it was SO photogenic. Like this baby I know, it looked good in every single shot. Exhibit A: Exhibit B: Both scrumptious, right?? Here's the recipe. For the lasagne, I mean...not the baby. Recipe adapted from Everyday Food   Summer Lasagne   Save Read More & Get the Recipe