Honey Chicken Skewers


We are heading scandalously fast towards the end of summer, and so I am sending the Southern husband out to the grill at every available opportunity.  I'm not sure why, since he is perfectly wonderful about grilling in a snowstorm. But nevertheless, grilling just isn't the same when it's not summertime, so our grill is getting a lot of action.  This recipe is a fun, eat-with-your-hands deal that is ready in absolutely no time.  You need to pick yourself up a packet of those thin wooden skewers, and be sure to give them a good soaking in water before you put the chicken strips on them.  As you can see from the picture, even soaking wet they still got a little charred.  Which is fine - you just want them to hold together for the most important part, which is the EATING. But before you get to the eating there is the making.  You cut up chicken breasts into strips and thread them on to your skewers.  Fire up the grill and cook them for about 3-4 minutes, then flip 'em over and Read More & Get the Recipe

Meatloaf Sandwiches


You know, I really wondered about this one. I found the recipe in one of my favorite places, the Everyday Foods magazine, and at first I thought, this sounds like a fun use for leftover meatloaf. And then I read it more closely and realized that the recipe called for making the meatloaf specifically for the sandwiches. Hmm. Meatloaf-making is not a short process. It's not hard, but it's not short. So in my house, that automatically turns it into a Sunday dinner. I did do a little bit of agonizing about serving the family sandwiches for Sunday dinner. We are a little fast and loose about where and how we eat during the week (eat dinner on the couch while watching Glee? Sure, we can do that!) but on Sundays I do insist on the dining room, the candles, all family members present and accounted for, etc. So...sandwiches? The dog promised me it would be okay, so I went for it. And oh my goodness. This meatloaf is laced with both horseradish and shredded cheddar cheese, so it is Read More & Get the Recipe