Pasta with Buttered Egg Sauce


These are a few of my favorite things: Soft scrambled eggs.  Perfectly cooked hot pasta.  Butter.  Here are a few of my least favorite things: Bumper to bumper traffic that makes my commute twice as long.  Power outages.  Realizing that it is going to be JANUARY before the next season of Downton Abbey starts.  Luckily, my favorite things make my least favorite things a distant memory...except for the power outage, and if you have a gas stove, you can totally make this comfort food in a power outage.  Here's how! Read More & Get the Recipe

Lazy Daisy Cake


When I first mentioned on my Facebook page that I was making Lazy Daisy cake, I got all kinds of folks telling me how many wonderful memories this cake holds for them.  It's one of those old-timey recipes that brought back childhood memories for a lot of people...many of the messages I got referred to grandma's kitchen.  My own grandma made some wonderful treats in her kitchen that are are near and dear to my heart, but Lazy Daisy cake actually wasn't one of them.  No, I made this delicious concoction of a hot milk cake topped with sweet broiled coconut filling because it reminded me of a friend I have right this minute. Read More & Get the Recipe

How To Make A Perfect Poached Egg


I'll just start by saying that I completely adore poached eggs.  Poached eggs on toast, poached eggs with creamy bacon grits, poached eggs over roasted asparagus...I could go on for days.  Until recently, however, the only way I got real poached eggs was to show up on my mom's doorstep, make big pleading puppy dog eyes at her, and ask her to make me a poached egg.  I just couldn't seem to make them myself...I tried all the tricks that involve white vinegar and making a little whirlpool in the boiling water, and we bought various poached egg equipment - no dice.  And then one day a miracle occurred, and I taught myself how to poach an egg.  Perfectly.  I poached approximately 100 more eggs, all perfectly, and I now feel confident about sharing my method with the world.  So ladies and gentleman, here we go. Read More & Get the Recipe

Pasta with Blue Cheese Tomato Sauce


Oh, this pasta.  It's one of my very favorites, because it is equally, perfectly, just plain right for either a busy weeknight or an elegant Saturday night dinner for company.  It's a silky, delicious combination of buttery, blue-cheesy, tomato-y goodness, laced with fresh basil and fresh ground pepper, and it comes together in a flash.  I honestly can't think of a thing that could makes this any better, and that includes bacon.  So you know I'm serious. Read More & Get the Recipe

Lemon Chicken Pasta


There are a few recipes in my collection that are near and dear to my heart not only because they taste so dang good, but because they remind me of wonderful times.  My mama's cream scones.  My grandmother's molasses cookies.  My baby girl's favorite banana muffins.  The back of the Nestle's chocolate chip bag recipe for chocolate chip cookies that my friend Lynne and I have been making since we were nine years old.  And this lemony, buttery, easy lemon chicken pasta recipe. Read More & Get the Recipe

The Best Cream Scones In The World!


It's Saint Patrick's Day!  And I've had such fun this week sharing my favorite traditional (and not so traditional!) Irish favorites with you, but I've saved the very best for last.  If you MADE me pick my favorite recipe from my mama's amazing repertoire of delicious treats, I wouldn't have to think twice. She makes an incredible array of scrumptious things, but my all-time favorite are her cream scones. Sweet, melt-in-your-mouth perfection is what they are.  And while there's nothing better than eating one in her kitchen with a hot, milky cup of Irish breakfast team, here's the next best thing...her recipe! Read More & Get the Recipe