Easy Cookies and Jam Ice Cream Sandwiches

cookies and jam ice cream sandwiches

This recipe for easy cookies and jam ice cream sandwiches is almost not a recipe...that's how ridiculously easy it is.  But since it involves three ingredients (cookies, jam and ice cream) and they have to be assembled into an ice cream sandwich, and because this pipsqueak of a recipe is going to be my go-to dessert of the summer because of that magical combo of easy and delicious, I need to share it with you.  It's also endlessly customizable (more on that later), and I'm hoping at this point you are convinced and would just like me to get on with telling you the details. Which you have probably already guessed, but just in case... Read More & Get the Recipe

Banana Jam!

banana jam

There they are again.   Those brown speckled bananas that you were SURE were going to be long gone by now, but no...here they are.  But before you reach once again for that trusty banana bread recipe, walk on the wild side with me.  Break out the brown sugar and the cinnamon and let's make some easy, no scary canning involved, spicy, creamy banana jam.  Yep, banana jam. Read More & Get the Recipe

Easy Strawberry Jam


Let me start by telling you all the things you DON'T need to make this delectable jam: boiling water, a stove, special sealing lids or any of those other terrifying (to me anyway) canning type of things.  The only reason you need a mason jar is because your raw strawberry jam is going to look pretty in it, and if you don't have a mason jar, it will look just as pretty in whatever else you have.  All you need are strawberries, a little sugar, a lemon, a bowl, a strainer, something to mash them with and about 20 minutes.  That's all that stands between you and homemade strawberry jam.  Really! Read More & Get the Recipe

Cherry Jam Hand Pies


I am always, always, always up for a nice warm slice of cherry pie.  However, now that it is just me and the Southern husband in the house these days, making an entire pie is not something I tend to do.  When you have loads of teenagers gallavanting in and out of your kitchen you can get away with making entire pies, and as soon as they all come home for the holidays I'll rev up the pie-baking.  In the meantime, however, I am making these individually delectable little cherry hand pies.  Read More & Get the Recipe

Ham and Parmesan Sandwiches with Raspberry Jam


Things that are good to have: Friends who go to Italy and bring you back giant pieces of incredible parmigiana cheese.  You know who you are, and I love you madly. 2. Jars of Stonewall Kitchen jam.  We've been over this before in previous posts, but it bears repeating. If you have both of these things, you are halfway to a fabulous sandwich.  And while cheese that has been personally carried through Customs is the best-tasting of all, you can also get a lovely chunk of it at your local deli and it will be almost as good, and then you are still very close to the previously-mentioned fabulous sandwich. Okay, now that we have that straight, here's what comes next.  Get a nice pile of very thin-sliced ham, and a loaf of sourdough bread.  Lately I have been sending the Southern husband to our local Panera, because let's face it, they make an AWESOME sourdough baguette, and I'm all about the path of least resistance on a Wednesday night.  Slice it on the diagonal in 1/2 inch Read More & Get the Recipe

Blueberry Cheesecake Squares

blueberry cheesecake squares

Now this is one of those recipes that has a backstory, so hunker down. A few weeks ago, we celebrated my parents' 50th wedding anniversary. We had a wedding cake and great music, and many many friends and family, and it didn't rain. Thank you, Lord. They had a wonderful time, and then they went off to Maine on a little 50th anniversary honeymoon trip. (Aren't they adorable??). And while they were there, they visited one of my favorite, favorite makers of all things delicious, the amazing Stonewall Kitchen. And they brought me back some delectable Stonewall Kitchen goodies. Including this... I have big plans for this that involve caramelized french toast and cinnamon and berries. Stay tuned for that one. They also brought me this... I'm considering my peach jam options. Suggestions welcome. Now brace yourself for this next one... I don't even know what to say. I am seriously considering just hiding somewhere and eating it Read More & Get the Recipe