Spicy Chilled BLT Soup


It all started with this guy. Here's the thing.  I can grow herbs with no problem...LOTS of them.  Basil, tarragon, rosemary, parsley, thyme, sage, mint and mint and more mint.  But that's it...when it comes to vegetables I am a dismal failure.  My mom, on the other hand, can grow tomatoes and green beans and pumpkins and zucchini and a million other things, and when I was leaving her house the other day I embezzled this guy from a giant jalapeno pepper bush that she had going.  (Bush?  Vine?  Plant?  Tree?  I don't know the technical term...I just know I saw him, and he was calling out to me, so I picked him.) And then I remembered that I had this recipe for a spicy BLT soup that I had been meaning to make, and guess what it called for...yep.  One perfect little jalapeno.  And this is as good a time as any to give you my standard jalapeno advice, which is to wear surgical gloves (which you can get by the box) in your friendly neighborhood drugstore.  All it takes is Read More & Get the Recipe

Asian Shrimp, Pineapple and Peanut Salad


Here's the back story on this one. (You know I love the backstory). Here are the main loves of my life. Aren't they the sweetest? And this, God help me, is the other love of my life. And I was pretty much living happily ever after with all three of them, thinking life couldn't be much better. Until this came along. Yes, I know it is not right to fall in love with inanimate objects. But it plays all my favorite songs. It plays all my favorite movies. It lets me read all my favorite books...with a backlight!!! It shows off all my nine million pictures of chocolate chip cookies. And you can jazz it up with apps that tell you everything from where you parked your car at the mall to what to make for dinner when you have shrimp, pineapple and peanuts on hand and you just KNOW there's a good recipe in there somewhere.   For those of you who have one of these babies, there is an app called Epicurious for the low, low price of $Free. And Read More & Get the Recipe

Cheddar Jalapeno Huevos Rancheros in Tortilla Cups


Here's one of the many things I love about my little blog...one thing leads to another and I end up getting ideas and recipes from the most unexpected places. Take this little number, for example. Where would you expect something that has the words "jalapeno, huevos, rancheros" and "tortilla" to come from? Someplace south of the border, right? Someplace warm and sunny? Someplace like this? If you guessed tropical, sultry Vermont, you would be right. I wish I had a picture of it with a little more snow...this is actually what our cabin view will look like in the spring when things thaw out a little...but you get my drift. So here's what happened....I was singing the praises of Cabot cheddar recently in my post on Butternut Cheddar Soup. That particular recipe came from an ad for the wonderful Vermont Cabot cheddar, and the great folks at Cabot liked my post. They sent me a groovy package of stuff, including a recipe booklet full of things that you can make with Vermont cheese and Read More & Get the Recipe

Tilapia Tacos with Peach Salsa


I'll admit, I am not a big fish person. I do love most shellfish (ah, lobster!!), but when it comes to fish fish, I tread very carefully. Even though I know it is oh, so good for you. But over the years I have found some types of fish that I really do like, and one of them is tilapia. It's light and mild, so mild in fact that it needs to be paired with something that can dress it up and give it some pizzazz...and this great little taco dish is just the ticket. The tilapia itself is cut up into strips, breaded and popped into the oven for a a few minutes just to cook it up and brown the bread crumbs. The real prep for this dish is the fabulous peach salsa that goes with it. Chopped peaches, red onion, lime juice, jalapeno...sweet and spicy and wonderful! You tuck the tilapia strips into a nice warm tortilla, spoon some peach salsa over the top, and you are in fish taco heaven. Now, naturally I did not decide to make this until it was completely not peach season...not even my beloved Read More & Get the Recipe

Jalapeno Poppers


I made these cute little poppers from the new Pioneer Woman cookbook, and they were a snap to make, and I really, truly did want to eat every single last one of them my own self...and I actually did eat two of them. But these are SPICY little numbers, and after two of them my eyes were watering just a little. However, anyone who really knows me will tell you that despite my Mexican chocolate chip cookies, I am pretty much a total wimp when it comes to anything with any sort of spicy kick to it, and therefore the wonderfully spicy Southern husband is a much better judge of this particular recipe. And so I asked him for a quote to put in today's post. Here it is: "These jalapeno poppers popped for me!! Mingling the taste of the cheese, bacon & spicy peppers took me back to my southern roots, where we always looked forward to a nice spicy snack or meal, usually involving bacon & barbeque." And I can confirm this by saying I put these down next to him while he was watching the Read More & Get the Recipe