Avocado Hummus

avocado hummus

I don't know about your house, but mine is a whirlwind of red and green this time of year, with some gold and silver sprinkled on top.  I'm deep in the sea of wrapping and decorating and card-writing, and as a result there are some nights when the Southern husband doesn't get a regular cooked dinner on a plate.  Nope, there are some nights when I whirl up avocado hummus in the food processor and serve it up with some tortilla chips and a swirl of Sriracha sauce on top.  Hey, it's red and green!  And he never seems to mind. Read More & Get the Recipe

Roasted Veggie Wraps with Red Pepper Hummus


Remember that red pepper hummus we discussed the other day?  The Southern husband and I loved its creamy deliciousness as a nibble with pita chips before dinner, and while we were noshing away on it a lightbulb went off in my head.  It was a tortilla shaped lightbulb (more on that later) that was spread with red pepper hummus and roasted vegetables and rolled up into creamy, delightful sandwich form.  It was one scrumptious looking lightbulb.  Which is how we ended up having roasted veggie wraps with red pepper hummus for dinner that night. Read More & Get the Recipe

Red Pepper Hummus


I love hummus.  I have a recipe for five minute hummus that I make in the food processor in, yep, five minutes, and I've made it so many times that my total hummus-making time is probably hours when you add it all up.  Maybe days.  But even though I have this perfectly wonderful hummus recipe, I can't ever leave well enough alone.  And so I bring you red pepper hummus.  Which also takes about five minutes.  Maybe six if you count fishing the red peppers out of the jar.  Hooray for hummus! Read More & Get the Recipe

Chilled Hummus Soup


Hummus!  It's one of my favorite things to make (especially with my fool-proof five minute food processor recipe), and I like eating it even better.  Creamy, slightly spicy, pretty healthy, totally delicious hummus.  And so those of you who know me well know that I have this obsessive habit of turning my favorites into different formats will not be surprised that I turned my favorite dip into a soup.  A quick, cool, just right for the end of these warm summer nights soup. Read More & Get the Recipe

Dinner Party!


Okay, so I'm interrupting my usual parade of bacon-drenched recipes to tell you about the dinner party the Southern husband and I had the other night, because I just HAVE to.   Most of the recipes came right from this here blog, so I'll include the links along the way, just in case anyone is looking around for their own dinner party ideas.  But first, the back-story.  (Because I do love the back-story!) A while ago, a mutual friend introduced me to the amazing David Leite, who not only is the genius behind the also amazing website Leite's Culinaria, but is also the guy behind the best chocolate chip cookie recipe on the face of the earth.  And by introduced, I mean she took me along to have dinner at his house one evening.  Where he made us a duck risotto that ranks up there among one of the best things I have ever had in my LIFE.   As you can imagine, I was one happy camper.  Not only am I meeting my chocolate chip cookie hero, but he's feeding me ambrosial duck risotto, Read More & Get the Recipe

Turkey Hummus Sandwiches with Black Pepper Honey

turkey hummus sandwich

[Tweet "With some black pepper honey and a little hummus, this is not your usual turkey sandwich!"]Yep, this is definitely my Summer of the Sandwich.  And not just any sandwich...the open-faced sandwich. And not just any open-faced sandwich...open-faced sandwiches made with bread that has been toasted on the grill for that fabulous, just a tiny bit charred taste.  For some reason I've gotten fixated on them and they are showing up on my supper menu almost once a week. Not only is there the whole grilled bread thing going on, but there's nothing like the feeling of walking in the door at the end of the day and getting that merry Sandwiches-For-Dinner feeling...oh yes! And in this particular case, it was another excuse to whirl up the millionth batch of that Five Minute Hummus I am also fixated on lately.  Hey, there could be worse vices to have, right?  And if you are not the hummus-whirling-up type, your favorite supermarket brand will work just fine. So, once you have walked in Read More & Get the Recipe