Hot Dog Mummies!


Boo!  It's just about that time again, and amid all the fun-sized Snickers bars and candy corn and caramel apples and pumpkin-infused everything, we are also at some point going to need to feed the kids some Regular Food.  And while these Halloween hot dogs aren't the fanciest dinner entree, they  ARE festive and they DON'T involve chocolate, which on October 31st pretty much qualifies them as dinner.  So move over Three Musketeers bars...the hot dog mummies are in town!  Read More & Get the Recipe

Chili Dog Casserole


I told myself that I really shouldn't blog about my chili dog casserole. For the good of your general health and well-being, because this is, um, not an especially healthy recipe. I make it about once a year when the Southern husband gets down on his knees and begs. It's never a pretty thing to see a grown man cry, so I always give in and put it on the menu in all its cheesy, bad-for-you goodness. So against my better's the scoop. This is your basic four ingredient dish. Hot dogs. Tortillas. Cheddar Cheese. Chili. You spoon some chili into the bottom of a baking dish. Roll up those hot dogs in the tortillas and lay them on top of the chili. Ladle more chili on top. Cover the whole thing with a nice generous layer of shredded cheddar. Cover it with foil and bake it up for about 30 minutes and voila! Cheesy, spicy, chili dog scrumptiousness, and not a vegetable in sight. So as long as you promise...promise!...not to make this more than every six months or so, and Read More & Get the Recipe