Pumpkin Pudding Cake Bites


Okay, let me break it to you right now...this recipe is going to require a trip to Dunkin Donuts.  For Munchkins.  Yes, this blog, the same blog that pesters you relentlessly about making your own ricotta cheese, making your own butter, making your own pickles, this same blog is now giving you a recipe where one of the required ingredients is a Munchkin.  You can't say I don't keep you on your toes.  What can I say...there are just some recipes where Munchkins are required, and pumpkin pudding cake bites, that's one of them. Read More & Get the Recipe

Hot Dog Mummies!


Boo!  It's just about that time again, and amid all the fun-sized Snickers bars and candy corn and caramel apples and pumpkin-infused everything, we are also at some point going to need to feed the kids some Regular Food.  And while these Halloween hot dogs aren't the fanciest dinner entree, they  ARE festive and they DON'T involve chocolate, which on October 31st pretty much qualifies them as dinner.  So move over Three Musketeers bars...the hot dog mummies are in town!  Read More & Get the Recipe

Candy Corn Fudge


I am irresponsible enough when it comes to ordinary fudge, and by irresponsible I mean that whenever it is in the house, I sidle on by and shave off slivers of it (it's just a sliver!  how bad could that be?!) until there is no fudge left. I take pretty much the same general approach with candy corn.  (Just one!  Just three!  Just...ten!) And so when I fell for this recipe I immediately packed up the entire thing and sent it down to the teenager so she could share it with her millions of college buddies. Well, almost the entire thing.  Pretty close to the entire thing.  Very close.  I know you believe me. Anyway....this is fudge that is pretty much the standard fudge recipe you know and love.  Marshmallow creme, evaporated milk, sugar, semi-sweet chocolate...but with candy corn.   It's a quick and easy recipe...honestly, the hardest part of the whole thing is getting the dang marshmallow creme (or fluff, as we like to call it) out of the jar.  That stuff hangs on for dear Read More & Get the Recipe

Halloween Brownies


Mwwwhahahahahaha! (Scary Halloween noise.) However, there is nothing scary about these babies, unless you count the part where you make them with crushed Nutterbutter cookies. And crushed Butterfinger bars. And chopped Reese peanut butter cups. And chocolate chips. Okay, maybe that is a little terrifying. But I am a brave girl, and all I can say about these treats is, so long as you only make them once a year, you really DO need to give them a whirl. They are out of this world amazing, I promise, and just about as easy as a sinfully rich chocolately peanutty unbelievably awesome recipe can be. This recipe is adapted from one that I ran across on the Bake or Break website (isn't that a cool name? Go visit them when you get a chance -- the link is on my blogroll. Great recipes and beautiful pictures.). Anyway, they said this was a good recipe to use for leftover Halloween candy. Huh?? First of all, the words "leftover" and "candy" have never once been combined in a sentence in my Read More & Get the Recipe