Guacamole Pasta

guacamole pasta

Does anyone else out there have a mad crush on avocados?  I love them passionately, and am always looking for an excuse to work them into the menu.  To the extent that the Southern husband will now and again buy me a bag of them at Costco - and you know what that means.  Many Avocados.  And somehow, somehow, I manage to use them all up without any issues.  I think they are a power food (and if they aren't, please don't tell me).  So welcome to my latest adventure with avocados, otherwise known as creamy, dreamy guacamole pasta! Read More & Get the Recipe

Bacon Guacamole

bacon guacamole

I don't know what took me so long, to tell you the truth.  I love guacamole - in fact, I love just about anything involving creamy, dreamy avocados.  And I think I have established beyond a shadow of a doubt that my love for bacon knows no bounds.  So really, it's kind of shameful that it took me until now to put these two together into one bowlful of creamy, salty, spicy deliciousness.  Otherwise known as...bacon guacamole! Read More & Get the Recipe

Guacamole Soup


I promise I will soon get to the details of making my new favorite cold soup in the whole wide world, which is that creamy, dreamy guacamole soup in the picture above, but before I do I need to tell you why it moved up to the top of my recipe to-do list (aside from the fact that who wouldn't want to make something called "Guacamole Soup" as fast as humanly possible?) Read More & Get the Recipe



Now that the Southern husband and I are well into our Friday Night Lights experiment, I'm starting to get a little more adventurous with the whole appetizer thing.  And this particular recipe is based on my general theory of if I like one thing, and I like another thing, combining those two might turn into true love.  (Hey, it worked for Reeses Peanut Butter Cups and if it's good enough for peanut butter and chocolate, it's good enough for me.) Anyone, here's the deal on this one.  Either whip up or buy a batch of your favorite hummus.  Either whip up or buy a batch of your favorite guacamole.  (I am in the "whip up" camp on both of these, and if you are looking for the world's fastest and best hummus recipe, look no further and click here.) Now find a serving bowl and spread the hummus on the bottom.  Scatter some shredded cheddar cheese and chopped scallions on top.  Spread the guac over all this.  More cheddar, more scallions and some chopped tomatoes.  A little chili powder, Read More & Get the Recipe

Mexican Layered Salad


We were SUPPOSED to go out to dinner last Saturday night. I was all set to hit my favorite Mexican restaurant, the one were they give you the free quesadillas when you come in, and the free fried banana in a sugared tortilla with whipped cream and honey at the end. But then my teenager appeared in my living room and mentioned that she had asked if she could have several thousand of her friends over, that they were arriving at 6, and remember Mom? You said yes? I'm sure I did. My short term memory has started blocking out things like giant hordes of teenagers coming over on nights when I am yearning for tacos. But being the responsible parents that we are, we resigned ourselves to staying home. Or I resigned myself, anyway -- my Southern husband practically danced back into the living room to finish watching the Yankees/Red Sox game, which was only half over. So, what to make for dinner with stuff I had on hand? Something that would address my unrequited Mexican food longings? I Read More & Get the Recipe

Goat Cheese Quesadillas


 One of the best things about this blog has been the many suggestions, ideas, and comments I have gotten from the folks reading it. I love hearing from all of you so much! I have gotten amazing guidance on the photography (thanks, Bob!), with the design of the blog and how to display the pictures (thanks Christopher!), general love and encouragement and patience when I am holding up yet another meal while getting just ONE more shot (love you, the Southern Husband!) and best of all, so many great ideas and suggestions for new recipes to try. Today's recipe comes to me from my friend Pat, and it arrived at the absolute perfect moment -- one of those days when I actually had some un-spoken-for corn in the fridge, some tortillas, and a lonely avocado. A quick trip to Fairway for some of their AMAZING store-made goat cheese (try it!!) and some salsa verde and I was in business. These little quesadillas would of course be a great starter for any meal, but we actually had them for lunch. Read More & Get the Recipe