Cucumber Mint Noodles

cucumber mint salad

Those of you who are frequent visitors to Framed Cooks (I love you all!) may be noticing that things are looking a little different around here, and more on that as soon as I finish telling you about my latest noodle adventure!  One of the great discoveries my summer so far has been that noodles can come from many places.  I already knew about the pasta boxes that line my pantry, but apparently there is this whole world of carrot and squash and cucumber and probably millions of other fresh summer veggies that make dang good noodles.  That discovery, along with a gift of some cucumbers and the mint that is taking over the world in my back yard led me to one of my current noodle crushes: cucumber mint noodles, which are dressed with an easy lemon ginger sauce to give them a little kick.  Let's talk noodles! Read More & Get the Recipe

Spicy Fried Noodles

spicy fried noodles

Here's the ironic thing about this recipe for spicy fried noodles: I am the least spicy person I know.   I am the one who buys the mild salsa at the supermarket.  I am the one who is slightly afraid of the bottle of Sriracha sauce in my fridge.  I am the one who buys one lonely jalapeño for a recipe, and then uses about 1/8 of it.  So why on earth I was motivated to make spicy fried noodles, and why on earth I ate every last speck on my plate is anyone's guess...but I did and I did, and I'm going to make them AGAIN.  Which just goes to show you that anything can happen! Read More & Get the Recipe

Lime and Ginger Steak

line ginger flank steak

In my last post I went on and on and on about how it was getting to be springtime and how that meant fresh herbs were not far behind and how much I adore the taste of fresh herbs in my recipes and so on and so on.  Today I'm going to bend your ear about the other wonderful thing about not having multiple feet of snow in your hard, and that is grilling. GRILLING IS BACK.  As in, steak that has been marinated in lime juice and fresh ginger and scallions and olive oil and grilled outside until it is tender and juicy and served with some extra lime wedges on the side. It's like a steak margarita.  I speak from having very limited margarita experience (I am a merlot girl) but I think if steak was a margarita, this would be it. Read More & Get the Recipe

Egg Drop Soup!


So, at the very beginning of this past holiday season...I'm talking Thanksgiving week...I managed to get myself the world's most energetic case of strep throat, with a large economy sized cold on top of it.  I was the perfect storm of misery, right smack in the middle of crazy running around cooking/wrapping/decorating time.  And I fervently believe that the thing that saved me (along with a whopping course of antibiotics) was that the Southern husband kept feeding me warm, soothing, delicious-even-with-a-sore-throat bowls of egg drop soup. Read More & Get the Recipe

Chilled Seafood Pasta Salad with Ginger Yogurt Dressing


Cool pasta salad is one of my very very favorite things to make on a hot summer evening.  You get all of the satisfaction of an honest to goodness supper, all in a delicious, refreshing plateful.  And when you add in some tender seafood and a ginger dressing with just the right amount of bite to it, all the cares of your hazy hot and humid day will vanish away.  Promise. Read More & Get the Recipe

Sake Steamed Chicken with Ginger and Scallions


There is something about recipes that involve shredded chicken that draw me like a moth to a flame.  Shredded chicken = comfort food in my book, and even things that sound a little outside my general area of expertise are too tempting to give up if the words "chicken" and "shred" are part of the equation. Which is how I recently found myself in the sake section of our local liquor store, squinting at labels and pretending like I knew one sake from another.  I finally picked one at random and brought it home, and then realized that I didn't see the actual word "sake" anywhere on the label.  Anywhere.  Um. This recipe sounds all exotic and all, but it basically comes down to steaming some chicken breasts in the sake until it is - I kid you not - the most tender, succulent chicken you have ever tasted in your life.  I promise I am not exaggerating in any way.  You take this completely perfect chicken, shred it (yes!!) and toss with a sauce made of ginger, soy sauce, orange juice, Read More & Get the Recipe