Spicy Chilled BLT Soup


It all started with this guy. Here's the thing.  I can grow herbs with no problem...LOTS of them.  Basil, tarragon, rosemary, parsley, thyme, sage, mint and mint and more mint.  But that's it...when it comes to vegetables I am a dismal failure.  My mom, on the other hand, can grow tomatoes and green beans and pumpkins and zucchini and a million other things, and when I was leaving her house the other day I embezzled this guy from a giant jalapeno pepper bush that she had going.  (Bush?  Vine?  Plant?  Tree?  I don't know the technical term...I just know I saw him, and he was calling out to me, so I picked him.) And then I remembered that I had this recipe for a spicy BLT soup that I had been meaning to make, and guess what it called for...yep.  One perfect little jalapeno.  And this is as good a time as any to give you my standard jalapeno advice, which is to wear surgical gloves (which you can get by the box) in your friendly neighborhood drugstore.  All it takes is Read More & Get the Recipe

Clemson Gazpacho


We've been seeing a lot of orange pop up around our house lately, ever since the teenager got her acceptance to Clemson University.  (Note: apologies to all my readers who are affiliated in any way with the University of South Carolina.  I still love you, and I hope you still love me after you get to the end of this Clemson-fest, but I gotta represent my baby.) Anyway, we have lately been drinking out of these... And wearing a lot of this... All members of the family are participating in the Clemson-apparel-wearing.   So I figured I should jump on the bandwagon and start whipping up some orange food.  When I ran across this recipe in Cooks Illustrated (which just for the record is actually called Creamy Gazpacho Andaluz), I was not expecting it to be orange...I was anticipating the typical red, tomato-y look of traditional gazpacho. But lo and behold, because this is a creamy gazpacho, made with some pureed fresh bread and emulsified with olive oil, it turned out to be, Read More & Get the Recipe