Pina Colada Fruit Salad

pina colada fruit salad

I would like to say that I came up with this deliciously dramatic dessert all on my own, but it's a variation on the one we look forward to every time we visit our favorite bed and breakfast at the Jersey Shore.  It's a beautiful plateful of fresh fruit, aromatic mint with a scoop of sorbet on the top  for good measure...all served up in a fresh pineapple shell.  It's the perfect breakfast, lunch or even dinner treat, and while I love it best at that B&B (and more on them below), it's also something I make from time to time in my own kitchen, for both the good taste and the good memories.  So speaking of those memories... Read More & Get the Recipe

Pears with Roast Beef and Horseradish Cream


This morning was the first morning I felt a really serious nip in the air...the kind that makes you think that you really DO need to put away your summer clothes, and it actually IS time to start at least thinking about your holiday shopping list.  And if you are me, your holiday menus.  For me, one of the best parts about thinking about holiday menus is that I need to road-test them.  And by road-test, I mean feed them to the Southern husband and then pepper him with a million questions about them. Which is just what happened with these pears with roast beef and horseradish cream. Read More & Get the Recipe

Overnight Oatmeal


I think I am overdue in terms of singing the praises of one of my very favorite kitchen appliances, which is my beloved, faithful, trustworthy slow cooker. I've had the same slow cooker for years and years now - it's a basic Rival Crockpot model - and I've made everything from the best beef barley soup in the world to a really incredible chocolate pudding cake and a lot of stuff in between. There's nothing quite like the feeling you get when you toss a bunch of stuff in the crockpot in the morning, go out to work, and then come home hours later to a house that smells like heaven and the glorious knowledge that dinner is already made! Most of my crockpot recipes are dinner-oriented (well, except for that cake. Which I would happily eat for dinner, but that's just me.) This oatmeal recipe also makes a fantastic comfort food dinner recipe, but it's my only crockpot recipe that is perfection for breakfast. Here's how it works, and why I adore it so much. First of all, you must use Read More & Get the Recipe

Edible Arrangements


Okay, so please forgive me in advance if this post falls into the "more information than I really wanted to get on a recipe blog" category, but there's a story behind this one, and I do think it's worth it. So here goes. Maybe it is the fact that I haul around my 7 pound camera everywhere I go. Maybe it's because I spend a ridiculous amount of time bent over my computer. Maybe it's because I into the daily exercise program that the buff Southern husband follows. Maybe it is all three...but one day a few weeks ago I woke up and OUCH. My back finally said enough is enough. I followed my usual route of doing nothing and hoping it would go away. Nope. Then I switched to my back-up plan of taking way more Advil than any one person should take. Nope. Finally my practical and all-knowing friend T took me under her wing and brought me here: Midtown Chiropractic Heath and Wellness Where I met a group of folks that are unlike any other medical practice I have ever Read More & Get the Recipe

Yogurt Granola Parfait


This week at the Jackson House is "Breakfast For Dinner Week," which we do every once in a while and then while it is going on always wonder why we don't do it MORE. Dinners are quicker and easier to make, they feel very comfort-food-ish, and are pretty light and healthy. And as someone who is out of the house by 6:15 am every day and eats a hard-boiled egg on the fly, it addresses my breakfast food deprivation issues. The only challenge with Breakfast For Dinner Week is coming up with menus that don't involve having eggs five nights in a row. Egg entries are always easy: this week we are having scrambled eggs with pesto and fresh ricotta, French omelets, French toast (aka bread soaked in egg). Huevos rancheros are always a popular entry, as is pasta carbonara, which is stretching the Breakfast For Dinner concept a little far, but who's counting? In the winter I work in my favorite cinnamon oatmeal with apples and raisins, but in the dog days of summer not even the cooperative Read More & Get the Recipe

French Toast with Berries


So, I didn't start out thinking about making french toast. I started out by thinking, my photography teacher is coming over to help me with my new lights, I need something nice to photograph that will not wilt, melt, drip, get my drift. I racked my brain, what there is left of it. And then I heard a little voice in my head saying "French toast, french toast! It was actually a big voice, and it wasn't in my head, it was in my kitchen, and it was coming out of my teenager, who thinks the basic food groups are macaroni and cheese, hamburgers, pizza, anything chocolate (Milk chocolate. Don't give her dark chocolate, whatever you do.) and...french toast. I can make french toast in my sleep at this point. The teenager probably could too, but it is SO much better when Mom makes it. I think that, too. :-) And I thought, that's it, french toast! Ready for it's close-up, and able to withstand hours of photography instruction while still looking beautiful! So, I got myself Read More & Get the Recipe