Brie Croque Monsieur Sandwiches


There are grilled cheese sandwiches, and then there are Grilled Cheese Sandwiches.  I have always been helplessly enthralled with any menu that has the words Croque Monsieur on it.  Because that basically translates to a rocking great grilled cheese sandwich that involves thin-sliced ham, swiss cheese, an egg batter that the whole thing has been dipped in, and some deep-frying.  Usually with some fries on the side, to make sure your calorie intake is high enough. So imagine this: the very same thing...except instead of the swiss cheese, you use Brie cheese.  And in  my case, I used D'Affinois, which is the cheese I would choose to take with me if I was ever banished forever to a desert island and could only choose one cheese to take with me.  (These are the things I think about, just so you know.  It never hurts to have a plan.) Now, some Croque Monsieurs out there in the world use a much thicker batter, but I think the light (and I use that word loosely, given what we are Read More & Get the Recipe

Kentucky Hot Brown!


I think this MAY be the most delicious thing I have ever made, eaten, seen, smelled or otherwise come in any contact with over the course of my entire life.  This, my friends, is called a Kentucky Hot Brown, and my only regret is that I have gotten to the ripe old age of...well, never mind...and this is the first time I have eaten one.  I have a lot of catching up to do. Here's how this all happened.   Back around Thanksgiving, I found a recipe in the New York Times for a very unusual way of cooking turkey.  I finally got around to making it, and let's just say that it involved a lot of Saran Wrap, a meat thermometer and a steam bath for the turkey,  and the stress of it all took about five years off my life.  But it resulted in some outstanding tasting turkey.  Because of the stress part I am not going to do one of my usual blog posts about it, but if you want to live life on the edge, turkey-wise, you can find the recipe by clicking here. The rest of you can either make your turkey Read More & Get the Recipe

Caramel French Toast


French toast is the teenager's all-time favorite, and I make it a LOT. I can almost make it in my sleep at this point, that's how often she comes into the kitchen with those puppy dog eyes and says, "Mommy, can you make me french toast?" It's the "Mommy" part that just kills me. She's 17 and I still instinctively whip my head around whenever I hear a little voice call out "Mommy!!" in a crowded store. Anyway. I thought I knew everything there was to know about french toast, but as it turns out, there was one vital trick I wasn't aware of, and that is that you can caramelize the outside of it with one very easy extra step. Yep, I said caramelize. Can you STAND it? All the creamy, comforting goodness of french toast, but with a thin, slightly crispy caramel coating on the outside. Now, a few weeks ago I did a post on all fabulous Stonewall Kitchen goodies, and among other things I mentioned this stuff. Which was the perfect accompaniment to caramel french toast. Read More & Get the Recipe

French Toast Muffins


French toast is my secret weapon when it comes to teenagers. No matter how embarrassing I manage to be as a mom (yes! as a matter of fact I DO have Single Ladies on my Ipod, and I am going to sing it. Loudly. And yes, I realize I might have gotten the lyrics wrong, but I like singing it anyway, even if your friends areover.)...even if I am that mortifying, I still can redeem myself by making my famous french toast.And honestly, it's not that famous. It's the garden variety dunk some bread in beaten egg, fry it up in butter and serve it with cinnamon sugar and maple syrup version, but hey, apparently it just tastes that much better when Mama makes it, and I'll take it. She adores it, and I adore her, so it's all good.Anyway, when I ran across this recipe for french toast muffins I knew I was on to something really, truly great. See those little chunks up on the top of each muffin? They are pieces of cinnamon bread that have been soaked in the egg batter and then plunked on the Read More & Get the Recipe

Savory French Toast BLTs


We are french toast FANATICS in my house. The teenager has said to me more than once that when she comes home from college it is going to be to see me and her dad and to eat some of my homemade french toast. (Not necessarily in that order, I'm guessing, but she is too sweet to put it that way.) Anyway, I am always trolling for new french toast recipes and up until now they have all been variations on the sweet breakfast version. Until the other day, when I ran across this one, which is definitely a dinner version. It's the same basic concept -- bread soaked in egg and fried -- but oh, man...this time with chives and fresh ground pepper in the egg, and with a BLT topping. I am getting heart palpitations just reliving it. I don't think I have anything more to say about this one, except, please go make it right now, so you understand what I am talking about.   Savory French Toast BLTs   Save Print Ingredients 8 slices bacon 4 large eggs, slightly beaten Read More & Get the Recipe

Pumpkin Apple Walnut Stuffed French Toast

pumpkin apple stuffed french toast

This recipe is the living breathing proof that you can find a good recipe pretty much anywhere you go if you just pay attention. I work in the heart of midtown Manhattan, and every morning instead of doing the healthy, responsible thing and walking from the Port Authority Bus Terminal to my office, I hop into a taxi. It's my one commuting indulgence -- I don't stop at Starbucks, I don't pick up a giant New York City bagel with cream cheese (although I WANT to. I really do.) But I do jump right into that cab every morning. And those of you lucky to have taken a New York taxi lately know that they have installed these little television screens in the back of each one. They give you the weather (thank you!), a lot of ads (really??? I really have to listen to ads on my cab ride, too??) and every once in a while, a little news story that you are actually interested in. Last week it was a story about this wonderful-sounding restaurant called The Turning Point, located on the New Jersey Read More & Get the Recipe