Grilled Cheese Asparagus Salad

asparagus grilled cheese salad

I realized WAY late in the game that April is National Grilled Cheese Month, which is a pretty pathetic state of affairs for a food blogger.  Especially one (like me) who lives for a good grilled cheese sandwich.  In a last minute effort to catch up, I've included some of my all-time favorite grilled cheeses in the related posts at the bottom of this one, but given that April is also 3 short months away from National Bikini Month, I am combining this grilled cheese with a delectable asparagus and apple salad to make it a fair fight between grilled cheese and the possibility of me getting into a bikini in 3 months. Read More & Get the Recipe

Apple Bacon Pizza


Now, I am not usually someone who likes her pizza messed with. As a matter of fact, whenever we order pizza, I am the one that insists that at least half of it has to be plain -- none of this sausage or meatball or pineapple nonsense. So why on earth I decided to try this one, I have no idea. Maybe because I had an open jar of apple butter in the fridge? Maybe because it involved bacon? Maybe because the moon was in the seventh house and Jupiter was aligned with Mars? At any rate, I heard about this from my friend P, who (I think) just made it up off the top of his head, and after he described it to me I just kept thinking about it. It does have the whole sweet and salty thing going on, which of course I adore. And so one day when I happened to have all the components in my kitchen, I took the plunge and made it. YUM. It was just the right balance of the sweet apple and apple butter and the salty bacon and cheese, and the red onion gave it just that little kick. I used the Read More & Get the Recipe

Artichoke and Fontina Panini


My love affair with my new panini press continues. Who knew that flattening things could be so fun and scrumptious?? At this point, I have realized that putting pretty much anything between two pieces of bread and squishing it under high panini press heat will result in something good. Yes, even chocolate. Or maybe I should say especially chocolate? Although this artichoke and fontina panini was particularly wonderful, probably because I adore both artichokes and fontina. This is a lovely rich panini sandwich, mainly because of the fontina which is a wonderful, high-flavored cheese. (I sound very official, don't I? But trust me on the fontina. Yum.) The artichokes are the kind that come marinated in the little glass jar, so they have a nice tang to them. Ciabiatta bread and rolls are usually in the bakery section of the supermarket, but honestly any old substantial bread or roll will do. You just want something strong enough to hold the cheese and the artichokes -- in other words, Read More & Get the Recipe