How To Make Homemade Mayonnaise

homemade mayonnaise

My journey towards learning how to make homemade mayonnaise started a little over 30 days ago, when the Southern husband and I started out on the Whole 30 eating plan (and more on that later), but let me just say this right now: among the many other benefits of this past month, having to make my own mayo was a game-changer.  As someone who routinely makes her own ricotta cheese, butter and jam (and all of these are both ridiculously easy and one million times better than the store bought variety), you'd think at some point it would have dawned on me that mayo might fall into that category.  But no, I've only figured out a few weeks ago that eggs, olive oil, mustard powder, salt and lemon juice, my handy immersion blender and 5 minutes are the only things standing in between me and mayo that leaves the jarred stuff in the dust. Read More & Get the Recipe

We Interrupt This Blog For Some Comfort Food!

The Southern daughter

Ever since I started writing Framed Cooks six years ago, I have never once let more than a few days go between posts.  But there's a first time for everything, and I think the only thing that could keep me from cooking, shooting, eating and repeating would be the fact that the Southern Daughter is graduating from college tomorrow.  As in, my baby girl has grown up and is flying off into the world.  And so for the next week, I will be alternating between bursting with pride and blinking through tears.  Lots of comfort food will be in order (more on that later) along with some champagne.  So please take care of the blog for me for the next week until I am back, and in the meantime, come with me down Memory Lane for a few minutes. Read More & Get the Recipe

Pasta Frittata

pasta frittata

I do love a good frittata, and I have a number of them on the blog - baked frittatas, taco frittatas, LOBSTER frittatas...and I don't like to play favorites, but I'm about to play favorites.  Because this frittata not only features the things I love about frittatas, which are eggs and cheese cooked into creamy deliciousness, but it also features pasta.  And bacon.  It's kind of like if pasta carbonara decided to transform itself into a savory egg pie.  It's magically delicious. And you have to make it. Read More & Get the Recipe

No Fear Cheese Souffle

cheese souffle

For the longest time, I was afraid of cheese souffles.  Afraid the way the dog is afraid of thunderstorms, or the way the Southern husband is afraid the Georgia Bulldogs are going to lose to to Auburn.  A deep sense of foreboding and visions of deflated, soupy cheese lurked before me.  And then I tried actually MAKING a few cheese souffles, and you know what?  Easy. Reliable.  Festive.  Delicious.  And no fear! Read More & Get the Recipe

Bacon and Egg Burger

bacon and egg burger

In my experience, there are very few things that can't be improved by putting bacon and eggs on them.  Pasta.  Muffins. Grits. BLTs.  The egg turns into a lovely cream sauce, and the bacon is, well, bacon.  However, I did know that I was skating on thin ice when I tried this with a burger.  Sure, we all know the wonderfulness that bacon adds to the burger experience, but swapping out the ketchup for an over easy egg?  Would it work?  Could it work?  I'm guessing you know the answer. Read More & Get the Recipe



Zabaglione!  Otherwise known as Sabayon, otherwise known as a whipped, pourable custard made with eggs and sugar and a little Marsala wine, otherwise known as the closest thing to heaven you can have for dessert.  It is one of those desserts that you can make in the 15 minutes after supper while folks are chatting around the dinner table, and I promise that when they take that first delectable spoonful they are going to forget just for a minute that chocolate desserts ever existed in the world.  It's that good. Read More & Get the Recipe