Egg Sandwich with Spinach, Brie and Maple Bacon


Things I love in life: Bacon 2. The Southern husband 3. Brie 4. English muffins 5. Baby Spinach 6. Noisy, disobedient but lovable dogs 7. Eggs, over easy 8. Noisy, disobedient but lovable teenagers. Five of these things are part of the sandwich we had for dinner tonight.  (And by the way, don't you love sandwiches-for-dinner night? I do.  Add that to the above list.) I won't lie to you, this is a messy one to eat, but man, is it worth every single drip and spatter.  You toast up the muffins and while they are still warm, spread on some nice soft Brie.  Yes, on both sides.  Let them sit there while you slather some maple syrup on the bacon and cook it in the oven.  While the bacon is cooking, saute some baby spinach until it is nice and soft, and then cook up some eggs, over easy - as hard or soft as you like.  I like soft, myself. Now slide the egg onto the bottom half of the muffin, lay some spinach over the egg, and a couple of maple bacon pieces Read More & Get the Recipe

Eggnog Cookies


'Tis the season of eggnog, and I love eggnog just a little bit too much for my own good.  I am SO happy to buy that first carton that shows up on the supermarket shelf, but after I have a glass or two I start getting that little annoying voice in my head that reminds me that eggnog is about one million calories a glassful, and that's before you start eating the Christmas cookies that go along with it. This cookie is the answer to all of that.  It's a light and delicious little treat with just a hint of eggnog flavor in it (there is only 1/4 cup of eggnog in the whole batch), and those little brown flecks on the top of the cookie?  Yep, nutmeg.  It's like having a cup of eggnog AND a Christmas cookie, all in one scrumptious package.  Plus they are a snap to make. AND, if you have any eggnog left over after all that, you can make this. Except for the recipe, which I snagged from the always fabulous The Cooking Photographer's blog - LOVE her.     Eggnog Cookies   Read More & Get the Recipe

Eggnog Fudge


I haven't yet gotten around to making the eggnog french toast I have been dreaming about, but I did want to get you this eggnog fudge before the holidays had come and gone, and here it, just in the Saint Nick of time. This comes to us from Recipe Girl, who by the way has some pretty fabulous looking Christmas cookies on her site right now. This is a quick and easy fudge that is made mainly out of white chocolate (I used Ghiradelli), marshmallow creme fluff and, of course, eggnog. Those brown flecks are fresh ground nutmeg, which always makes things smell like everything is right with the world. It comes together in a snap, and if you chill it in the fridge it will be ready super-fast. By the way, I wanted to point out that plate the fudge is sitting on. That is one of my Twelve Days of Christmas plates, and I LOVE them. They are a Christmas Dessert Tradition in my house.I don't think they make this particular variety anymore, but I did spot some that were very merry here.    In Read More & Get the Recipe