BBQ Sandwiches!


Lots of you have asked me what was on the menu at my house for the Super Bowl, and I know it is already practically baseball season now, but better late than never.... Like the Saints, I ended up being a big winner on Super Bowl Sunday because my awesome group of family and friends came with just about everything anyone could possibly want in terms of delicious food that could be eaten while shouting at the television screen. Here's what we had: BBQ Sandwiches, as seen above. Both the shredded beef brisket bbq and the fantastic sauce was made by my dad, who is a long-time, unswervingly loyal Redskins fan, and my hero. Recipe below -- thanks, Daddy! Coleslaw, made by yours truly. We like the vinegar-based kind as opposed to the really creamy kind. It's awesome with the BBQ sandwiches. You can even put a spoonful of it ON your bbq sandwich, if you are really wild and crazy. Monster Cookies, made by my friend L. There almost aren't words to describe the wonder of these. People who Read More & Get the Recipe