Hot Mexican Cheese Dip

Mexican cheese dip

Hot Mexican Cheese dip is delectable any time of year, but since today is Cinco de Mayo, it is practically a requirement that you make and eat this today.  It takes all of 20 minutes, and that includes the amount of time it is going to take you to tear open a bag of your favorite tortilla chips. So grab the sangria, head into the kitchen and let's prepare ourselves properly for a spicy and delicious Cinco de Mayo! Read More & Get the Recipe

Cream Cheese and Chive Potato Soup

cream cheese chive potato soup

We've just been liberated from the 8 inches of snow that just fell on us (there's nothing more exciting than the sound of the plow truck coming to set you free!) and now they are telling us a possible blizzard is bearing down on us.  I mean, really.  I know it is January and all, but I think one major snowstorm a week is plenty.  But since nobody is consulting with me, the only thing I can do about it is make soup.  Lots and lots of warm and wonderful soup.  Soup with potatoes and carrots and cream cheese and chives.  Soup with BACON.  Let's make soup! Read More & Get the Recipe

Smoked Salmon and Cream Cheese Pizza

smoked salmon and cream cheese pizza

So many many things to say about this little recipe.  Starting with the fact that it is basically a loaded bagel with cream cheese, but in pizza form.  And since my love for a bagel slathered with cream cheese and smoked salmon and other goodies runs neck and neck with my love for pizza in pretty much any form, this concoction pretty much leaves me weak in the knees.  Second, it is SO easy to make that it almost doesn't seem fair.  And third, it gives me a chance to show off my adorable cutting board from Vermont Creamery.  But more on them later...let's make pizza! Read More & Get the Recipe

Cheese Ball Pops

cheese ball pops

Here's what happens when you are married to a food blogger.  You come home from work with the perfectly reasonable expectation of having a normal dinner.  But lo, your food blogger spouse has had a brainstorm during the day that if there were cake pops out there in the world, why couldn't there be cheese pops?  As in, soft little balls of blue cheese and cream cheese and chopped chives and black pepper, rolled in chopped walnuts with a pretzel stick for easy holding.  And so instead of your nice normal dinner, guess what you eat that night? Yup.  Cheese Ball Pops. Read More & Get the Recipe

Everything Scrambled Eggs

scrambled eggs with spinach and smoked salmon

Okay, here is the post where you get to hear about my summer vacation.  You knew it was coming, and there is no escape.  Okay, there IS an escape, but before you hit that escape key, I promise there is a delectable recipe for what I call Everything Scrambled Eggs at the end of this.  If you can bear it.  And if you find yourself anywhere in south central Vermont in the future, there are also a few recommendations below.  Come on with me to Vermont for a minute or two, and then we'll have eggs! Read More & Get the Recipe

Bacon Blue Cheese Dip


You know what's good?  Besides bacon?  Bacon mixed up with blue cheese and cream cheese and a few other goodies into a creamy, dreamy dip.  And you know what's even better?  Serving it up not with the usual chips and crackers and celery sticks, but with juicy slices of apple and pear. It's that whole sweet meets salty meets crunchy meets creamy thing that will make you forget all about dinner because you are so perfectly happy with the before-dinner nibbles. Read More & Get the Recipe