Pears in Vanilla Cream Sauce

pears in vanilla cream sauce

I am a great believer that every once in a while, you should throw your family a total curve ball at dinner time.  As in, something that they would never in their wildest dreams have expected to find on their supper plate.  In our house, that means, yes, dessert for dinner.  And so one night not so long ago, I served up a warm, creamy, cinnamon-sugary pears in vanilla cream sauce.  It's an easy and elegant dessert that would be the perfect ending to a special occasion dinner party, but when you serve it up on a Tuesday night for supper?  It might taste even better! Read More & Get the Recipe

Rosemary Peppercorn Chicken


It's just amazing how something (or somethings in this case) can turn plain old chicken into elegance.  I love elegance on a weeknight.  I mean, elegance can reasonably be expected on a Sunday when one has all afternoon for kitchen puttering, but elegance on a Thursday?  It's a wonderful thing, and totally doable if you have 30 minutes, some chicken, a few cracked peppercorns, a little butter and cream and some fresh rosemary.  Elegance, here we come! Read More & Get the Recipe

Shrimp Fettuccine Alfredo


Usually when I am inspired to mess around with a perfectly good recipe like fettuccine alfredo, I feel obliged to do a fair amount of explanation as to WHY I am messing around with that perfectly good recipe.  For example, the time I made macaroni and cheese soup, and the time I made lasagna cupcakes, and the time I made chocolate dipped bacon.  (I know, that one wasn't exactly a recipe, but I still felt like I should explain myself.)  But with this one, I think the whole "shrimp" and "fettuccine alfredo" thing in the title kind of says it all! Read More & Get the Recipe

Steak Sandwiches with Creamy Shallots


Oh, the steak sandwich.  There's nothing about a nice juicy steak that I don't love, from that first bite of steak hot off the grill to standing in front of the fridge eating slices of cold leftover steak directly out of the Tupperware container.  (Guilty as charged.)  But somewhere in between those two extremes comes a happy medium, and by that I mean a steak sandwich on a soft country roll, topped with buttery bibb lettuce and a creamy, dreamy shallot sauce. Read More & Get the Recipe

The Best Cream Scones In The World!


It's Saint Patrick's Day!  And I've had such fun this week sharing my favorite traditional (and not so traditional!) Irish favorites with you, but I've saved the very best for last.  If you MADE me pick my favorite recipe from my mama's amazing repertoire of delicious treats, I wouldn't have to think twice. She makes an incredible array of scrumptious things, but my all-time favorite are her cream scones. Sweet, melt-in-your-mouth perfection is what they are.  And while there's nothing better than eating one in her kitchen with a hot, milky cup of Irish breakfast team, here's the next best thing...her recipe! Read More & Get the Recipe