Pasta with Crabmeat and Sugar Snap Peas

pasta with crab and sugar snap peas

Oh, sugar snap peas, you pretty little things, you.  You are back in season!  Which means I can buy heaps of you at my farm market and snack on you while I am tossing you into every recipe that calls for anything green.  Don't tell the regular old green beans, but there's something about your slightly sweet and crunchy selves that has you at the very top of my favorite summer veggie list, duking it out with the tomatoes and the corn.  And since the tomatoes and the corn aren't ready yet, it's sugar snap peas time in my kitchen.  As in, pasta tossed with butter, crabmeat and, yes, a whole mess of sugar snaps! Read More & Get the Recipe

Crab Cake Sliders

Crab Cake Sliders

I am helpless in the face of sliders of any kind.  There's something so cute about their bite-sized-ness that gets me every time.  They usually come in burger or meatball or chicken form, though, and I thought it was high time the crab cakes got their turn.  Little teeny versions of crab cakes sitting on Boston bibb lettuce with a small dollop of tartar sauce, all on a small soft roll.  Am I right?  I think I'm right. Read More & Get the Recipe

California Roll Salad


I love sushi. There's something so fresh and delicious and healthy about it - it's the very definition of good and good for you.  And while I am usually up for trying to recreate my restaurant favorites in my own kitchen, there's something about making sushi rolls that I just can't wrap my mind around.  So I decided to tackle that favorite of all favorites, the California roll...but in salad form.  Thereby saving myself and the Southern husband from a meltdown in the kitchen from me trying to roll up all the delicious ingredients in seaweed paper.  That sound you just heard was the Southern husband heaving a giant sigh of relief. Read More & Get the Recipe

Crab Cake Bites!


The holidays are always such a swirl of dinners, parties and deliciousness!  In addition to all the other festivities, the month of December includes my birthday, the teenager's birthday (who is now not a teenager anymore.  Sniffle.) and our anniversary.  So on those rare December evenings when we aren't out celebrating I've been cooking light.  As in appetizers for dinner.  As in this quick and delicious tiny little crab cake bites...which of course would be fabulous as the opening act for one of the many holiday celebrations too!  Read More & Get the Recipe

Chilled Avocado Cucumber Soup


I've had this recipe for about one million years, and I both love and make it so much that the Southern husband gets that beef barley soup look in his eyes when I pull out the recipe, which is an interesting combo of "I like that soup!" and "wow, is she really making that AGAIN?" But I can't help it...this soup is cool and refreshing and delicious and only involves one kitchen appliance and that is the blender. Highly satisfying in so very many ways. So here's the scoop. Pull out that blender and toss in the following: some cucumber (get the English kind if you can. They are usually shrinkwrapped in plastic next to the cucumbers with the regular old American accent. Why? No idea. But they have less seeds and if you can get 'em, they're great.) Then some avocado, some yogurt, a little lime juice, some minced jalapeno, some salt and pepper and a little ice water. Press that puree button, baby.And that puree sound is the MOST satisfying thing, can I just say? In about one minute it Read More & Get the Recipe

Crab Cakes!


We are just back from the Vermont Vacation, and I am now going through my usual post-vacation syndrome, which consists of thinking wistfully of the great vacation meals we had and trying to replicate them at home. I guess it is my way of stretching the vacation out as far as possible, and my Southern husband is always delighted, since I am one of those people who ends up liking what the other person ordered even better than what I ordered. And so a lot of what I end up making is whatever he ordered, starting with crab cakes.He ordered them at one of our favorite lunch spots in Manchester, Vt, The Little Rooster. If you are ever in Manchester, this is a great spot -- just get there early for lunch, and by early I mean if you are there at 12:01 pm you will have to wait for a table. Which is worth waiting for, but still. I had the Ethan Allen Sandwich, which is on my "imitation is the sincerest form of flattery" menu for later this week. But he had these lovely-looking crab cakes, which Read More & Get the Recipe