Israeli Couscous with Green Beans, Feta and Pistachios


There is something about the word couscous that just makes me happy. I have no idea why. Usually when you think of couscous (which I'm sure you do all the time) you are thinking of the teeny tiny pastina-like version, and I do love that kind. But this recipe calls for Israeli couscous, which is the larger, pearl-sized version. It's a bit more substantial when you are making it with other, chunkier ingredients that tend to overwhelm the regular itsy-bitsy couscous. (Let's see how many times I can say couscous in this post, shall we?) This 15 minutes or less recipe is terrific as a side dish to grilled chicken or steak, but can also stand perfectly well on its own as a light lunch or supper. And it is healthyhealthyhealthy. And very beautiful too, with the green beans and cucumbers and the golden raisins all mixing up there with the cheese and the couscous. This is another speedy recipe adapted from EVERYDAY FOOD magazine, which I continue to get so many great ideas from. Make Read More & Get the Recipe

Blackened Scallops with Mango Tomato Couscous and Chili Aioli


As you may know, I live out in the wilds of northern New Jersey. I love our little town for so many reasons, and one of the main things I love about it is that we have a rocking great library. In addition to doing all the things you would expect from a library (books, movies, CDs, book clubs, etc) they also have so many events it would make your head spin. Yoga classes? Got it. Meet the Author events? Got it. Classes on How to Understand What Your Dog is Saying? I missed this particular one, but I am pretty sure it is "Feed me more bacon!! Right now!!" Anyway, they are now hosting what is officially my favorite library event of all time: their "Meet the Chef" series. At these events they bring in a chef from one of the area's great restaurants, and the chef cooks a meal in front of our very eyes and then answers all our questions. And is the beauty part...we get to EAT what the chef has just cooked. This week was the kick-off event with Executive Chef Chris Calcagno Read More & Get the Recipe