Easy Cheese and Corn Salsa

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Before I get into the whys and wherefores of this ridiculously easy and delicious cheese and corn salsa, I wanted to explain myself.  I meant to mention this before I left, but I missed posting over the last week or so because the Southern husband and I were helping our newly minted college graduate daughter move to her new apartment.  More on that below, but as any of you who have ever packed and unpacked a moving box know, moving is EXHAUSTING.  Which means that sometimes you might only have the strength to have chips and salsa for dinner.  And if you are going to have chips and salsa for dinner, you might as well go all out and have this ready-in-5-minutes cheese and corn version! Read More & Get the Recipe

Shrimp Salsa!

shrimp salsa

This time of year I am ALL about using all the fresh local veggies I can get my mitts on.  No ear of corn or local tomato or fresh sweet-smelling herb is safe around me, because once September starts it is use-it-or-lose-it time, fresh local veggie-wise.  And one of the things I like making most of all is fresh salsa of all varieties.  This particular version includes some roughly chopped shrimp, which not only gives it a nice twist, but in my book makes it totally acceptable to serve for supper.  Who's with me? Read More & Get the Recipe

Creamy Shrimp with Bacon and Corn

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It's finally here...I knew if I was patient enough, one day I would wake up in the morning and it would finally be The Day.  I'm talking the start of corn season - sweet, tender, you can practically eat it all by itself right after you husk it, corn season.  And while I am perfectly happy eating fresh cooked corn on the cob all by itself for dinner, the start of this year's corn season seemed to call for something  a little more celebratory.  Something like, say, creamy shrimp with bacon and, you guessed it, CORN. Read More & Get the Recipe

Chowder Bake


Okay, full disclosure...a version of this post first appeared on the fabulous website Jersey Bites.  A while ago they asked me to be one of their contributing editors, which means I get to ramble away not only here at Framed Cooks but also on their site as well, and if you haven't visited Jersey Bites, go pay them a call.  Even if you aren't from New Jersey, because they have some great recipes and other stuff that pretty much works worldwide. On to this chowder bake...I don’t know how it happened, but it’s fall-turning-quickly-into-winter  in the Garden State.  Some plants in my herb garden are bravely holding on, but the basil is now just a dim memory.  The leaves are drifting down, the heat is kicking on at night, and I’m pulling out my sweaters.  But hey, as long as I've got my Snuggie, I can deal with the cold weather.  It means butternut squash, football games…and SOUP!  I love my soup recipes with a passion, especially those that are thick with chunky ingredients that make Read More & Get the Recipe

Low Country Boil Kabobs


One of the many, many advantages of being married to a Southern man is that you learn about the complete fabulousness of something called Low Country Boil.  It's also sometimes known as Frogmore Stew (based on the hometown of the National Guardsman that invented it).  The town of Frogmore was eliminated by the Postal Service and incorporated into the nearby Beaufort, and the name of the recipe officially changed to Low Country Boil.  This is your culinary history lesson of the day. Anyway, the way this usually works is that you boil up baby potatoes with a seafood seasoning, and then add the sausage, the corn and then the shrimp as time rolls on so that everything is cooked up perfectly.  Then you drain the whole thing and dump it all onto a platter and let folks dig in...forks optional.  We always have this a few times during the summer, so when I saw this version that called for adding the grill into the mix, my antenna went up.  I always do love to shake up a recipe that I've Read More & Get the Recipe

Slow Cooker Chicken Tortilla Soup


 If there is any kitchen appliance more helpful, cooperative and just plain satisfying than the good old slow cooker, I don't know what it is.  Sure, the food processor is all dramatic with the instant chopping, and the KitchenAid mixer is the 800 pound gorilla, towering over all the other gadgets.  And every once in a while, my trusty rice cooker comes out to work on some rice or oatmeal or grits. But my heart belongs to the slow cooker, for two reasons.  First of all, pretty much anything you throw in there comes out tasting great.  Beef barley soup.  Bolognese sauce.  Even a chocolate pudding cake that I really am going to make one day and post up here, since I talk about it and then don't share.  (Sorry!) And second of all -- and this happens to me every time -- you toss whatever it is into the slow cooker first thing in the morning.  Then you go off about your day while whatever it is cooks in perfect slowness for eight or ten hours.  Then you slog back in the door at the Read More & Get the Recipe