Cookie Sheet Clambake!

cookie sheet clambake

I should start out by confessing right here and now that I have never in my life been to an actual clambake.  I think they involve things like digging a hole in the sand, and wrapping things in seaweed, and other feats that I know I am never, ever going to pull off.  Not unless someone invites me to a clambake and tells me exactly what to do.  I would make a great clambake assistant, I think.  But since there are no clambake invitations on my calendar, and since I know they involve clams which I do love, I decided to take matters into my own hands and create my own clambake.  INSIDE.  With a cookie sheet instead of a pit.  So with apologies to the clambake purists out there, here goes! Read More & Get the Recipe

Spaghetti with Clams and Broccoli


I am a big lover of that old classic, linguine with clam sauce.  The red kind, the white kind...either way, I am a happy girl.  And I do have a recipe that I love and adore for linguine with clam sauce, but that doesn't mean I don't keep an eagle eye out for variations on the theme.  So when I ran across this recipe, I hopped right on it.  It called for using fresh clams instead of the canned chopped kind, and so I had visions of the beautiful picture I was going to take with the pretty clam shells all nestled in the pasta. Read More & Get the Recipe

Pasta with Clams, Vodka Sauce and Crispy Breadcrumbs


Oh sure, I love the classic pasta with clam sauce, both the red kind and the white kind.  I like the kind with the clam shells, and the kind where there are no shells and just bits of delicious clams in the sauce.  When it comes to pasta with clam sauce, I'm not a picky girl.  However, I'm all for shaking things up here and there, and I'm also all for streamlining whatever can be streamlined if the dinner is meant for, say, a Wednesday night when it is cold and rainy and you've done one million things throughout the course of the day and you are tired and cranky.  Not that I am ever cranky.  The Southern husband will swear to it.  (While I am within hearing distance anyway!) Read More & Get the Recipe

Linguine with Creamy Clam Sauce


I love linguine with clam it, love it, love it.  I love it the traditional way, made with fresh clams.  I love it the down and dirty way, made with chopped clams.  But lately my favorite is the creamy way, made with tomatoes, baby clams, and, yep, cream.  Cream makes it silky and decadent and, well, creamy. Even better, this is one of those wonderful, quick recipes you can make on a Wednesday night when you only feel like spending 20 minutes on dinner, and it's going to come out like you were slaving away in the kitchen all afternoon.  I don't know about you, but there's something SUPREMELY satisfying about whipping up a restaurant-quality supper in less time than it takes to watch Modern Family.  (I love Modern Family, by the way.  I completely identify with Claire.  She and I would be best buds.  If only she was a real person.  Just saying.) Anyway, one important note about this recipe.  If you are making it in the summer, feel free to use whatever kind of tomato Read More & Get the Recipe

Grilled Clams with Lemon Ginger Butter


Okay, so I know that clams are probably not the first thing you think of when you get that urge to crank up the grill.  Me mind goes right to burgers, or chicken, or (my fave!) grilled pizza.  But one day I happened across a recipe for grilled clams with lemon ginger butter and grilled bread, and I just couldn't look away.  Live dangerously, I thought, and I went out and bought me a couple of pounds of clams. Now, you aren't actually putting the clams directly on the grill itself.  They are going to cook in one of those big disposable aluminum pans that you can get in the supermarket, and which you can toss after dinner, thereby saving you (or your Southern husband) from washing yet another dish.  But before we get to the clams, we need to discuss the lemon ginger butter.  Prepare yourself. You take a 1/2 a stick of soft butter, and mix it up with some minced shallot, some chopped fresh parsley, a little lemon juice, some lemon peel, and some minced fresh ginger.  Read More & Get the Recipe

Spaghetti with Fresh Clams


Now that the wonderful new Bon Appetit has shown me the light in terms of cooking pasta (click here for this new approach to pasta and's life-changing) I am now going back to my old faves to try it out on them.  And one of my old fave is absolutely pasta with fresh clam sauce.  Briny, garlicky, slightly peppery sauce, with fresh clams.    I used littlenecks, but you can use manila clams as well.  You can apparently also use cockles.  (I wouldn't know a cockle if I bumped into one on Fifth Avenue, but if you do, then just know you can use 'em in this recipe.) So, the basic concept is the same.  Cook your pasta...but not all the way.  Drain it when it still has about 2 minutes to go (and save some of the pasta water for later in the recipe).  Meantime, cook up your this case you saute up some sliced garlic in olive oil, add some white wine and then steam your clams in this fabulous mixture until they open up.  Once they do, take out the clams with tongs and put Read More & Get the Recipe