Pears in Vanilla Cream Sauce

pears in vanilla cream sauce

I am a great believer that every once in a while, you should throw your family a total curve ball at dinner time.  As in, something that they would never in their wildest dreams have expected to find on their supper plate.  In our house, that means, yes, dessert for dinner.  And so one night not so long ago, I served up a warm, creamy, cinnamon-sugary pears in vanilla cream sauce.  It's an easy and elegant dessert that would be the perfect ending to a special occasion dinner party, but when you serve it up on a Tuesday night for supper?  It might taste even better! Read More & Get the Recipe

Banana Jam!

banana jam

There they are again.   Those brown speckled bananas that you were SURE were going to be long gone by now, but they are.  But before you reach once again for that trusty banana bread recipe, walk on the wild side with me.  Break out the brown sugar and the cinnamon and let's make some easy, no scary canning involved, spicy, creamy banana jam.  Yep, banana jam. Read More & Get the Recipe

Skillet Banana Walnut Bread


I seem to be all about the bananas lately.  Banana pancakes, banana cake and now this warm and wonderful cross between a banana coffee cake and banana bread, which cooks up in a skillet for extra coziness.  There's something about things cooked in skillets that has me at hello.  From spaghetti and meatballs to whole chickens to buttered corn, if it cooks up in a skillet, I'm in.  So go find your best oven-proof skillet and let's make banana bread! Read More & Get the Recipe

Honeybun Cake


One of the things I always do before tossing out any kind of food packaging is to examine it carefully for recipes.  You will be delightfully amazed at the delicious and creative things you can find printed on the inside of labels and boxes.  Sometimes they are jumping off points for other ideas, and sometimes they are just plain wonderful the way they are.  This delectable and easy cake is very close to the version I found many moons ago on the back of a Betty Crocker cake mix box, and it also has one of my favorite cake names EVER.  Who wouldn't want to make a Honeybun cake for their honeybun? Read More & Get the Recipe

Sneaky Fudge


It's the last day of the year!  Tomorrow we are off to the races with our New Year's resolutions.  All our low-fat, more exercise, less bacon resolutions. (Sniffle). New year, new you, new me and all the jazz, and you know what that means.  It means we have exactly 24 hours left to eat chocolate.  And by chocolate, I mean fudge.  And by fudge, I mean this particular version of fudge, that includes not only a generous amount of dark chocolate, but a few sneaky ingredients that will have you wondering why you spent all that time eating well-behaved fudge. Read More & Get the Recipe

Chai Spice Cookies


We are swinging right into the heart of Christmas cookie season, and one of the many many varieties that will be filling up the cookie jar in our house will be these sweet and spicy chai spice cookies.  Just like chai tea, when you take that first bite it will taste just like a wonderful, familiar sugar cookie.  But a few seconds later, you will get a teeny pop of heat - those are the mixture of spices that mixed together make up chai.  And if you think chai tea is delicious, wait until you taste it in a cookie! Read More & Get the Recipe