Easy Smoked Salmon Boursin Cheese Spread

smoked salmon Boursin spread

This is one of those recipes that almost takes longer to say - "Smoked Salmon Boursin Cheese Spread!" - than it does to make.  THAT is how easy it is.  It's a perfect easy appetizer to spread on crackers or celery sticks or (if you want to be all fancy) endive leaves.  It's also a perfect tiny tiny dinner when you have had a big lunch and just want a little something with a glass of wine at the end of a long hard day.  It takes 2 minutes and 2 ingredients - well, 3 if you count the garnish - and I looooooove it. Read More & Get the Recipe

Smoked Salmon Potato Bites

smoked salmon potato bites

I don't make things with smoked salmon that often - I'm not sure why, because whenever we have it I remember that it is tender and salty and tastes like the ocean.  But I tend to like it in little bits, like the recipe for everything scrambled eggs that I posted last week, which means that whenever I buy it I tend to have leftover smoked salmon in the fridge.  And while I always can and do whirl some of it into a salmon cream cheese spread, this time I decided to try it as part of a little appetizer.  Meaning that once again the Southern husband got appetizers for dinner.  (He didn't seem to mind.) Read More & Get the Recipe

Grilled Brie Sandwiches with Mustard and Chives


Oh, do I love a good grilled cheese sandwich.  I consider it a kissing cousin of macaroni and cheese, and I could happily eat one every day of my life if you made me, with its creamy melty cheese and soft on the inside, crunchy on the outside bread.  And while I am totally okay with the classic American cheese version, sometimes you want to take an old favorite up a few levels.  As in brie cheese instead of American.  As in country bread spread with grainy mustard and sprinkled with chives.  As in a grilled cheese sandwich gone totally fancy and decadent. Read More & Get the Recipe

Grilled Ricotta and Chive Sandwiches


I know, it's TECHNICALLY fall now, but that doesn't mean I am putting the lid on the grill for the winter.  Nope, I'm taking the opposite tack by using the grill for every possible meal until the snow flies...I'm talking grilled buttermilk chicken.  I'm talking grilled bacon and rosemary pizza.  And yes, I am talking creamy, dreamy grilled ricotta cheese and fresh chive sandwiches on country bread, grilled until the outside is crispy, the inside is warm, and you have now started thinking about the words "grilled" and "cheese" in a whole new way. Read More & Get the Recipe

Cream Cheese Shrimp Dip with Pulled Toast


It's finally and officially summer, and you know what that means.  Long lazy summer weekend afternoons and evenings spent lounging around with your feet up, or with a bunch of friends, or savoring a glass of wine...or all of the above.  And it also means delicious nibbles that you can dip into while you are doing all that lounging.  And speaking of dip, here's one of my all-time faves...creamy, dreamy cream cheese shrimp dip with pulled toast. Read More & Get the Recipe