Frito Chili Pie

frito chile pie

]Before I get into what this dish is all about, I would like to go on record as saying I have served my family the following in the past: Quinoa. Edamame. Tuna salad with no mayonnaise whatsover. So please forgive me for the meal I am about to describe to you. Yes, I made my beloved family an entree that featured this as one of the two major ingredients: And this as the second one: I would like to point out that the Fritos have ZERO, and I mean ZERO trans fats. (Keep in mind that I have no idea what trans fats are, but I'm thinking this is a good thing). As for the chili...I have no decent excuse for that one. However, you can't go through your entire life without having this completely ridiculous salty extravaganza at least one. There is an even more outrageous version of this that involves opening a single serve bag of Fritos, pouring some chili on top of that, nuking it and eating the whole contraption out of the least I put this in lovely Read More & Get the Recipe

Cincinnati Chili


So, those of you who follow me on Facebook know that pretty much every morning I post what I am making for dinner as my Facebook status. (This started when I first got my Facebook page and I wasn't posting any status at all. The teenager was aghast, and told me I HAD to post my status and change it every day, and dinner was the only thing I could think of that changed radically every day. That, my friends, is the scintillating life that I lead. Not that I am complaining.) Anyway. Most days the Dinner Status gets a comment or two, or someone hits the "Like" button, especially if there is bacon involved. Then came the day that I changed my status to "making three-way Cincinnati Chili." Oh my goodness. I think it is currently up to 19 comments and STILL going on, and that was a week ago. Everyone from my friend H, who is an AMAZING food writer and editor (and if you are looking for one of those, click here), to my friends C and D who are from or who are married to Ohio natives and so Read More & Get the Recipe

Chipolte Chicken Salad


I love this salad. It's right up there for me with my favorite taco salad -- one of those "chop up a bunch of those things that you like, toss them all together and voila! a scrumptious dinner" type of recipes. I will be perfectly honest and say that the original recipe for this dish, which I found in my new favorite Cooking Light cookbook, called for black beans, and if you like black beans you should feel perfectly free to throw them on in there. But in my house, I am sorry to tell you that black beans are the enemy, along with: mushrooms, eggplant, lima beans and cilantro. I wish I could like all that stuff, and so does my mother, who keeps getting me to "just try them." But I have, and I don't, and I gotta be me. But everything else in this recipe was A-okay with me -- chicken, corn, tomato, avocado, lettuce, all tossed with a spicy sour cream dressing and served with some nice tortilla chips on the side. Which leads me to ask you about one of the great searches of my life: the Read More & Get the Recipe

Chili Dog Casserole


I told myself that I really shouldn't blog about my chili dog casserole. For the good of your general health and well-being, because this is, um, not an especially healthy recipe. I make it about once a year when the Southern husband gets down on his knees and begs. It's never a pretty thing to see a grown man cry, so I always give in and put it on the menu in all its cheesy, bad-for-you goodness. So against my better's the scoop. This is your basic four ingredient dish. Hot dogs. Tortillas. Cheddar Cheese. Chili. You spoon some chili into the bottom of a baking dish. Roll up those hot dogs in the tortillas and lay them on top of the chili. Ladle more chili on top. Cover the whole thing with a nice generous layer of shredded cheddar. Cover it with foil and bake it up for about 30 minutes and voila! Cheesy, spicy, chili dog scrumptiousness, and not a vegetable in sight. So as long as you promise...promise!...not to make this more than every six months or so, and Read More & Get the Recipe

Pork Dumplings with Chili Sauce


I just love this recipe, and I have to tell you, I am not sure why I made it in the first place, because I was absolutely sure it was going to be a disaster. But I found the recipe on the Steamy Kitchen blog (quick aside: Steamy Kitchen is a fabulous recipe site, written and photographed by the even more fabulous Jaden Hair. Jaden is one of those rock star food bloggers with a television show and a huge blog and a cookbook...and she still took the time to visit my little blog when it was in its toddler stages and leave me an encouraging comment that made me think -- hey, maybe I can actually DO this. Jaden, you rock, and I hope everyone in the USA buys your new cookbook.) Anyway, Jaden made these dumplings look so good and sound so easy that I put them on the menu and got the ingredients. And scheduled them for a weekday dinner. And then got home on that weeknight and thought to myself -- am I NUTS?? The recipe made 50 of them, and I could just see myself making dumplings into the Read More & Get the Recipe

Chili Mac!


A couple of weeks ago I was cooking up some dinners to take over to my brother and sister-in-law's house - they are the proud parents of Liam, the most beautiful baby boy on the planet. He is almost a month old, how time FLIES! Anyway, they are just a little tired, and I was cooking up a few things for them, including a batch of chili mac. When who should wander into the kitchen but my OWN baby, who usually only eats things that are perfectly plain and where the ingredients don't TOUCH each other. (Did I mention that my baby is 16 years old? I keep telling myself she will grow out of this. Maybe not.) Anyway, she looked into the pot and said "Wow, this looks great! When's dinner?" Hello? Who are you and what have you done with my picky child? After I broke it to her that her new baby cousin was already getting the upper hand on her and this batch was going to his house, I promised that I would put it on the Jackson menu for the following week. There are about a million or so Read More & Get the Recipe