Chicken Pot Pie Sandwiches

chicken pot pie sandwiches

We are huffing and puffing our way towards spring here in these parts.  Winter is hanging on for dear life, and March has about 48 hours to get its act together and go out like the lamb that it is supposed to be at this point.  My barbecue grill still has a 2 inch wall of snow all around it, so I can't in good conscience send the Southern husband out there yet to make anything vaguely summery-tasting, and frankly, it's still so chilly that I am still jonesing for winter comfort food anyway.  So here's my effort to meet halfway between warm weather food (sandwiches!) and cold weather food (chicken pot pie!), and I gotta tell you, it may be my new favorite transitional supper. Read More & Get the Recipe

Pesto and Spring Vegetable Halibut in Parchment

halibut baked  in parchment

I have only recently become a fishy person.  I have loved shellfish of all kinds all my life, but regular old fish?  Not so much.  My mama kept telling me if I would just TRY it I would like it, and while so far that has not worked with eggplant, mushrooms, olives or beans of any kind, I gotta hand to it to her on fish, because now I LOVE FISH.  And since it took me so dang long to get around to liking seafood, I have many many many recipes I need to figure out so that I get all the fishies that are coming to me.  My currently favorite, easy, totally reliable way to cook it?  In parchment packages.  It's like getting a fishy present! Read More & Get the Recipe

Weeknight Coq au Vin

weeknight coq au vin

The best coq au vin I have ever had in my life was at my friend David's house.  It was made the traditional way over a gloriously long weekend afternoon, and it was perfection.  The next time I need perfect, traditional coq au vin I am planning to show up on his doorstep with my puppy dog eyes, and I am positive he will make it for me.  But sometimes I get a hankering for coq au vin on a Tuesday night when I have more like 30 minutes to make it, and that's when this recipe for what I call Weekend Coq Au Vin comes in handy.  It ain't David's, but for something that can go from fridge to table in a half hour, it is pretty deletable, red-wine-infused, comfort food deliciousness. Read More & Get the Recipe

Slow Cooker Beef Stew with Crispy Breadcrumbs

beef stew with crispy bread crumbs

I have never, and I mean never, met a beef stew that I couldn't make friends with.  When it comes to beef stew I am basically just a girl who can't say no...but I do have certain requirements.  And my biggest one?  NO POTATOES.  Nope.  I love potatoes in many scenarios, but not in my beef stew...they get too soggy, and even if you put them in towards the end of the cooking process, they just take up too much room.  Nope, I like my beef stew carbs in other this case, via some crispy breadcrumbs on the top and some creamy polenta on the bottom.  Mmmmmm. Read More & Get the Recipe

Poached Egg and Roasted Vegetable Salad

roasted vegetable salad with poached egg

There's something about roasting vegetables that is just some kind of magic.  Not that there is anything wrong with a plain old raw carrot, but when you take that same carrot, mix it up with some little potatoes and some beets and toss the whole thing with a little olive oil and salt and roast it until everything is warm and tender on the inside and a little crispy on the outside...that is Vegetable Magic.  And when you put those roasted veggies on some lettuce and top the whole thing off with a poached egg...hello, GORGEOUS! Read More & Get the Recipe

Winter Vegetable Soup

winter vegetable soup

Here we are again, smack in the cold and frosty heart of winter.  So you know what we need?  Well, besides crackling fires and lots of blankets and dogs that curl up obligingly on our toes?  We need SOUP.  Warm, wonderful, thick, creamy good and good for you soup.  And lots of it.  And since it is January and I am still in the midst of being pretty good about my post-holiday light eating, I need all that warm thick creaminess to come without any, well, cream.  That's not too much to ask, do you think?  Me too. Read More & Get the Recipe