Sweet and Tangy Coleslaw

sweet and tangy coleslaw

[Tweet "This recipe for sweet and tangy coleslaw makes the perfect side to any bbq supper!"] Let me start out by saying, I know coleslaw is a personal decision.  Some folks like the creamy kind made with mayo or sour cream or whatever it is that makes it creamy.  I can actually go for a nice bowl of creamy coleslaw every once in while, especially if it has those little caraway seeds in it.  Yum. However, most of the time I am in the non-creamy coleslaw camp.  I like the kind that is a little bit vinegary-sharp, a little bit sweet, and with just the right balance of cabbage and carrots.   And the Southern husband...well, don't even TRY to sneak any creamy coleslaw by him.  He's definitely a tangy coleslaw guy.  It might be the boots...who knows. Side note: this picture is not mine...it was shot by the teenager.  She had a photography assignment where she had to shoot people's feet in some way that represented who they are.  She wanted to shoot her dad in his boots, which I Read More & Get the Recipe

Pad Thai


This is most definitely the suburban New Jersey version of pad thai, and I say that with pride. Let me explain. A couple of weeks ago the New York Times ran an article, complete with recipe, for pad thai. My friend S sent it to me first, followed by about a thousand or so other folks. Who knew pad thai was so popular? I've had it a couple of times in the past and had always figured it fell into the chicken-fried steak rule (click here for an explanation of that weird little reference), but I am a girl who loves a challenge, and so I put it on the menu for last week. And then I looked at the ingredients. Tamarind paste? Mom!!! (Between my mother and Fairway, I really don't have a decent excuse for not coming up with the accurate ingredients for things.) Tamarind paste, for those of you who are wondering, is a thick, smooth paste that looks a lot like a solidified version of soy sauce, and it's definitely key to the flavor of this dish, so if you are going to mess with the Read More & Get the Recipe