Butterscotch Cookies


Now you KNOW I am not one to shy away from crazy desserts and snacks with strange combos of ingredients, right?  I think the very fact that I have Bacon Cinnamon Rolls on this blog is complete, incontrovertible proof that.  But every once in a while I get a longing for a simple, quiet, satisfying, low-key cookie.  My grandma's molasses cookies are the very best type of this sort of cookie, but these wonderful butterscotch cookies are definitely right up there. This recipe is from the always wonderful Simply Recipes site.  Whenever I need a great, totally reliable, delicious recipe for something in particular, this is always one of the sites I check first.  In this case, I needed to have butterscotch cookies.  Not butterscotch pudding.  Not butterscotch brownies.  Not Butterscotch the cat. Sorry Butters. Nope, what I wanted was a perfect, simple, perfect butterscotch cookie, and here it is.  Maybe you need one too? Butterscotch Cookies, from Simply Recipes  Read More & Get the Recipe

Butterscotch Pudding


A couple of months ago, the Southern husband and I went out to dinner to this fabulous place (pay attention, all you Rockland County New York readers out there) called Hudson House.  We had a simply fabulous meal there, and when it came time for dessert, we ordered butterscotch pudding, which you don't often see on menus and which sounded like a nice, regular dessert.  The owner (who is also the dessert chef) promised we would love it, saying it was based on Wolfgang Puck's recipe. It was not a regular dessert.  It was an outstandingly creamy, silky, smooth pillow of butterscotch heaven on a spoon.  We devoured it down to the last molecule of butterscotch, and ever since then the Southern husband has been reminiscing about it.  Remember that butterscotch pudding?  Man, wasn't that butterscotch pudding out of this world?  Oh, that butterscotch pudding! All right, all ready.  I thought, how hard could this be, and I went down a rocky, alarming butterscotch pudding road that was a Read More & Get the Recipe

Maple Butterscotch Macadamia Blondies


Chocolate? Who needs chocolate when you have butterscotch, macadamia nuts and maple, all baked together into the richest blondie you will ever have in your LIFE? These delectable delightful treats are a breeze to make, and I promise that you will remember them long after the last one is gone, they are that wonderful. I do have some words of wisdom for you about these babies. Ready? Grease the pan really well. If you do, and if you run a knife around the outside edge while they are still pretty warm, you should have no problem popping them out of the pan. 2. Wait until they are completely cool before you cut them. It will be difficult. You will be sorely tempted. But until they are cool, they are very likely to fall apart when you cut them. Once they are cool, they are very well-behaved. 3. Cut them into small pieces. SMALL. When I say these are rich, I am not kidding around. Okay, now that you have all these words of warning, I also have to say that these are hands down Read More & Get the Recipe

Pumpkin Pie Bars


Tis the season for pumpkin - pumpkin pie, pumpkin soup, pumpkin bread, pumpkin muffins. I heart pumpkin. And so whenever a new recipe for pumpkin anything comes my way I will give it a try, especially in these early fall days when the frost is on the...pumpkin. This recipe comes via my favorite baking site, Joy The Baker, and tastes like a cross between an oatmeal cookie and a slice of really great pumpkin pie. She says you can use either butterscotch or chocolate chips on the top - I made mine with butterscotch because them seemed more pumpkin-ish to me, but since I will definitely be making these another thousand times or so, I will try them with chocolate as well. As with most bar cookies, these are best if you cut them into pretty small squares (an inch or so). Plus that way you can eat ten of them at one time and still feel like you are having just a small bite. Right? Happy autumn everyone, and bring on the pumpkin...   Pumpkin Pie Bars   Save Print Ingredients Read More & Get the Recipe