Lobster and Brie Grilled Cheese Sandwiches

lobster and brie grilled cheese sandwiches

There's nothing that warms my hungry little heart quite like a good old grilled cheese sandwich.  I do love the classic, made with buttered bread and American cheese, but I also like to push those grilled cheese boundaries, which has taken me everywhere from macaroni and cheese grilled cheese sandwiches to grilled cheese croutons.  But this open-faced lobster sandwich covered in melty Brie cheese?  I make have finally found the pinnacle of grilled cheese sandwich heaven. Read More & Get the Recipe

Grilled Brie Sandwiches with Mustard and Chives


Oh, do I love a good grilled cheese sandwich.  I consider it a kissing cousin of macaroni and cheese, and I could happily eat one every day of my life if you made me, with its creamy melty cheese and soft on the inside, crunchy on the outside bread.  And while I am totally okay with the classic American cheese version, sometimes you want to take an old favorite up a few levels.  As in brie cheese instead of American.  As in country bread spread with grainy mustard and sprinkled with chives.  As in a grilled cheese sandwich gone totally fancy and decadent. Read More & Get the Recipe

Brie, Roasted Tomato and Prosciutto Sandwich


This conglomeration of creamy brie, sweet tomatoes, salty prosciutto and soft baguette is my current favorite decadent sandwich, for oh so many reasons. The deliciousness part is of course the main reason, but is followed by the fact that once you roast the tomatoes, it takes all of five minutes to put together.  And last but not least, I have sentimental reasons for loving it! Read More & Get the Recipe

Shrimp, Brie and Cucumber Sandwiches


Every once in a while, the Southern husband goes where very few men have gone before him.  He takes me to one of my favorite little spots, an adorable little tea house nearby that serves a real, honest to goodness English cream tea.  Cream tea, for those of you who haven't experienced the happiness of it, is when you get a pot of tea brewed from actual tea leaves, served with scones and clotted cream and jam, and some pastries...and tea sandwiches.  All served in pretty china on flowery tablecloths with classical music in the background.  Heaven on earth...especially the tea sandwich part. Read More & Get the Recipe

Chicken and Brie Sandwich with Pan-Roasted Cherry Tomatoes


Oh my goodness, this sandwich.  It's the kind of sandwich that is a perfect combination of leftovers that you might have hanging around in your kitchen...leftover chicken, the end of a head of lettuce, a few cherry tomatoes, the last of a hunk of Brie...but I will tell you right here and now, it's completely worth running out to get all of those things just to take that first perfect bite of shredded chicken, sweet tomato, creamy cheese and crisp lettuce, all held together between two pieces of crusty French bread. Read More & Get the Recipe

Brie and Chive Biscuits


  There's something about biscuits that is so comforting.  Warm, savory, soft biscuits...they taste like everything's right with the world.  Now, plain old biscuits are just fine with me, and I will happily eat one every time it's offered to me.  (Or two.  Or, um, three.)  But if you add a little something extra to them...say some creamy brie cheese and some spicy chopped chives...well, THOSE are biscuits you really want to savor. Read More & Get the Recipe