Pasta with Lemon Blue Cheese Rosemary Sauce, and a Blogaversary!

Pasta with lemon blue cheese rosemary sauce

This post is mainly about pasta with lemon blue cheese rosemary sauce, but it's falling on the six year anniversary of this little blog of mine, so I have a few things to say about that as well.  A whole lot of them start with thank you and some of them include a trip down memory lane.  So if you are eager to get to things that involve lemons and fresh summery rosemary and blue cheese, head on down to the bottom of the post where that recipe is waiting for you.  But since you are reading this right now, you are among the folks I want to say thank you to.  So if you have time, read the middle part too.  Here we go! Read More & Get the Recipe

Pressed Wedge Salad with Shrimp

shrimp wedge salad

Wedge salad is one of those things that the Southern husband just can't resist when he sees it on a menu.  Even though he has had it a million times before.  Even though wedge salad is usually pretty much the same wherever you have it - a wedge of iceberg lettuce drizzled in blue cheese dressing and scattered with tomatoes and pieces of bacon.  Hey, with all that going on I can't blame the guy, and after watching him order it for the millionth time, it finally dawned on me that maybe I should make it at home, which is how my classic wedge salad recipe post was born. But as usual, I can't leave well enough alone, so I started messing with wedge salad ideas.  I kept all the essential bits - the iceberg, the blue cheese, the tomatoes, the BACON...but as with my recent spin on steak Caesar salad, I wanted to make it a little easier to eat.  And I wanted to get a little more protein in there so it could hold its head up high as a legit meal to serve for dinner.  And so with only a Read More & Get the Recipe

Buffalo Chicken Nachos

buffalo chicken nachos

Just when you thought that both football and buffalo chicken and nacho everything season was behind us, I thought I would give us all one last hurrah with a mash-up of both buffalo chicken AND nachos.  I do this for a couple of reasons.  First, there is nothing like the look on your significant other's face when you tell them that you are making nachos for supper.  (Can you say, pure happiness?)  Second, I don't think I have ever had a buffalo chicken anything in my life, and after weeks of football season where I heard the words "buffalo chicken" millions of times, I figured I better find out what all the fuss was about.  Better late than never, right? Read More & Get the Recipe

Cheese Ball Pops

cheese ball pops

Here's what happens when you are married to a food blogger.  You come home from work with the perfectly reasonable expectation of having a normal dinner.  But lo, your food blogger spouse has had a brainstorm during the day that if there were cake pops out there in the world, why couldn't there be cheese pops?  As in, soft little balls of blue cheese and cream cheese and chopped chives and black pepper, rolled in chopped walnuts with a pretzel stick for easy holding.  And so instead of your nice normal dinner, guess what you eat that night? Yup.  Cheese Ball Pops. Read More & Get the Recipe

Tomato Blue Cheese Salad

tomato blue cheese salad

Hello, you gorgeous local heirloom tomatoes, you.  We've been patiently waiting for you all year long.  We know we could be eating those cousins of yours in the supermarket, but honestly?  They can't hold a candle to your sweet, rich, local tomato-y goodness.  So for this short but wonderful time while you are around, we are going to think up every single way we can to work you into our dinner plans.  Such as this quick and wonderful tomato and blue cheese salad! Read More & Get the Recipe

Cauliflower with Blue Cheese Sauce


Cauliflower!  Sometimes I don't think it gets the love and respect it deserves.  It's kind of plain when you stack it up next to the showier veggies like asparagus and beets and broccoli, with all their bright colors.  So let's give the humble cauliflower a little help.  As in, let's steam it up until it is nice and tender, and then let's drizzle it with an extravagant amount of blue cheese sauce and sprinkle it lovingly with chopped scallions.  Let's do that. Read More & Get the Recipe