Butter Biscuits


This is one of what I call my secret weapon recipes.  Secret weapon recipes are those recipes that you can completely, totally, 1000% rely on to work Every Single Time, and that are also a little bit different and a whole lot of delicious.  I count my scrambled eggs with ricotta and chives in this category, as well as my recipe for naked ravioli and my beloved Blue Dory cookie recipe too.  These delectable biscuits are the biscuit version of my secret weapon recipe, and let's just say that the first time I made them, the Southern husband ate all of them.  In one day.  A full biscuit recipe, gone just like that.  It was both alarming and highly satisfying all at the same time...and here's how it's done. Read More & Get the Recipe

Barbecue Biscuits with Soft Fried Egg


I have said time and time again that the Southern husband has influenced me in so many ways, culinarily-speaking, pointing me in directions I never thought my tastebuds would go.  Fried green tomatoes.  Okra.  Grits on grits on grits.  And towards the wonderful, the happiness, the reckless abandon of eating barbecue for breakfast.  Tender, spicy, spooned over a warm biscuit and with a soft fried egg dripping down the side barbecue for breakfast.  You're nodding, right?  Me too. Read More & Get the Recipe

Ham and Pineapple Biscuit Sliders with Spicy Honey Mustard


Somedays you just NEED to have a ham sandwich, and I'll be the first one to say there's nothing wrong with a good old, plain old ham and cheese.  But...what would happen if ham sandwiches took a cue from their hamburger cousins, and turned into slider form?  I'm talking shaved, salty, delicious ham on a soft, warm, buttermilk biscuit.  I'm talking curly lettuce and a little bit of grilled pineapple.  And I'm talking topping the whole thing off with a nice slathering of this. Read More & Get the Recipe

Brie and Chive Biscuits


  There's something about biscuits that is so comforting.  Warm, savory, soft biscuits...they taste like everything's right with the world.  Now, plain old biscuits are just fine with me, and I will happily eat one every time it's offered to me.  (Or two.  Or, um, three.)  But if you add a little something extra to them...say some creamy brie cheese and some spicy chopped chives...well, THOSE are biscuits you really want to savor. Read More & Get the Recipe

Creamy Slow Cooker Chicken with Biscuits


Is there anything better than warm, wonderful, comforting chicken with biscuits? Yes!  Super-duper-easy chicken with biscuits cooked in the slow cooker and then finished with a little bit of cream and some baby peas so that it is tender and creamy and perfect.  In this recipe, you cook up a batch of biscuits right before you are ready to serve the chicken, split them in half, and put the bottom half of each biscuit in each bowl.  Ladle the chicken over the top, and then top with the biscuit top.  I like to break it into a few pieces to spread the biscuit merriment around. A few words about biscuits, since we are on the subject.  You can take the easiest route and just buy some at the supermarket ready-made...they will be just fine if you heat 'em up in the microwave.  You can take the second easiest route and make the kind in the tube.  Let's face it - we all love those.  You can make super-easy drop biscuits out of Bisquick.  The recipe is on the box, and they are always Read More & Get the Recipe