Cookie Sheet Clambake!

cookie sheet clambake

I should start out by confessing right here and now that I have never in my life been to an actual clambake.  I think they involve things like digging a hole in the sand, and wrapping things in seaweed, and other feats that I know I am never, ever going to pull off.  Not unless someone invites me to a clambake and tells me exactly what to do.  I would make a great clambake assistant, I think.  But since there are no clambake invitations on my calendar, and since I know they involve clams which I do love, I decided to take matters into my own hands and create my own clambake.  INSIDE.  With a cookie sheet instead of a pit.  So with apologies to the clambake purists out there, here goes! Read More & Get the Recipe

Cucumber Mint Noodles

cucumber mint salad

Those of you who are frequent visitors to Framed Cooks (I love you all!) may be noticing that things are looking a little different around here, and more on that as soon as I finish telling you about my latest noodle adventure!  One of the great discoveries my summer so far has been that noodles can come from many places.  I already knew about the pasta boxes that line my pantry, but apparently there is this whole world of carrot and squash and cucumber and probably millions of other fresh summer veggies that make dang good noodles.  That discovery, along with a gift of some cucumbers and the mint that is taking over the world in my back yard led me to one of my current noodle crushes: cucumber mint noodles, which are dressed with an easy lemon ginger sauce to give them a little kick.  Let's talk noodles! Read More & Get the Recipe

Framed Cooks Does The Whole 30!

The whole30

Today I am embarking on a 30 day adventure that I still can’t quite believe I’m going on. It’s called The Whole 30, and it includes eating all kinds of wonderful lean protein, big piles of fresh veggies, small piles of fresh fruits, and good for you fats like avocado and olive oil and cashews. It does not include sugar or pasta or rice or any other type of gluten or grain. It does not include cheese or ice cream or anything else dairy. It does not include legumes (which bothers me not one little bit because I have yet to meet a legume that I like. Except peanuts. I heart peanuts.). It does not include WINE.  So why would a bacon and cheese and wine-loving girl like me go down this road? Read More & Get the Recipe

Warm Ham and Potato Salad

warm potato ham salad

We are smack in the middle of fresh vegetable season...they have us surrounded, and I love it.  I'm looking for any and all ways to fresh-vegetable-up every meal we have, and this is one of my new favorite ways of dealing with the piles and piles of fresh green beans.  I buy them by the boatload at our local farm market, and while I am perfectly content to crunch on them just as they are, they are also the perfect mix-in with ham, baby potatoes and a light mustard dressing.  Quick and easy and summertime delicious! Read More & Get the Recipe

Pina Colada Fruit Salad

pina colada fruit salad

I would like to say that I came up with this deliciously dramatic dessert all on my own, but it's a variation on the one we look forward to every time we visit our favorite bed and breakfast at the Jersey Shore.  It's a beautiful plateful of fresh fruit, aromatic mint with a scoop of sorbet on the top  for good measure...all served up in a fresh pineapple shell.  It's the perfect breakfast, lunch or even dinner treat, and while I love it best at that B&B (and more on them below), it's also something I make from time to time in my own kitchen, for both the good taste and the good memories.  So speaking of those memories... Read More & Get the Recipe

Spicy Fried Noodles

spicy fried noodles

Here's the ironic thing about this recipe for spicy fried noodles: I am the least spicy person I know.   I am the one who buys the mild salsa at the supermarket.  I am the one who is slightly afraid of the bottle of Sriracha sauce in my fridge.  I am the one who buys one lonely jalapeño for a recipe, and then uses about 1/8 of it.  So why on earth I was motivated to make spicy fried noodles, and why on earth I ate every last speck on my plate is anyone's guess...but I did and I did, and I'm going to make them AGAIN.  Which just goes to show you that anything can happen! Read More & Get the Recipe