Framed Cooks Gets A Makeover!

I know, it’s looking a little different around these parts, and I have some explaining to do!  I’m going to give you a little tour, but first I need you to take a trip back in time with me.  Back to a galaxy far, far away.  Back to the start of my little blog.  Trust me, it will help with the explaining. Here we go…

About five or so years ago, I decided to start putting some of my photography up on a blog.  I was pretty clueless about what a blog was, but I figured how hard could it be?

(Pause for Hahahahaha!)

And because I was thinking it was going to be mainly about photography, I called it Framed. Catchy, right?  And I used this very fabulous picture of my then 15 year old jumping into a pool.


I was so happy, and since I was the only one really reading my blog, everything was great.

Except that as it turned out, it ended up being about cooking.  With pretty pictures of the cooking. And as it turned out, other people were reading it besides me.  So as much as I loved the picture of the pool-jumping, I found myself explaining over and over again what my blog name meant, and what a really fabulous pool jump picture had to do with cooking.

So a while back I changed the name to Framed Cooks (It’s about cooking!  With pictures!  Get it – pictures? Frames?  Framed Cooks?) which helped a little.  But I wasn’t quite ready to give up the picture of my baby girl jumping into the pool.  However, I’ve finally worked up my courage, and so here I am, with a whole new look for the top of the site.

And with the whole new look comes an easy-to-use bar right under the Framed Cooks type with drop-down menus for different meals, as an extra added bonus. Go ahead, mouse over Dinner and see what happens…you can then pick from chicken or pasta or seafood or a bunch of other things. Click on one of them, and you’ll go to all the recipes for that choice. You want pasta? We have lots and lots of pasta.



Or if you want to search by ingredient or a specific meal, there are these handy search boxes over on the right hand side:



Now that Framed Cooks is all grown up and organized, here’s my pitch from me to you to sign up to get my recipes on email or in your RSS feed (go to this handy subscription form up on the top right)…



…and to follow me on Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, where I talk about not only the latest recipes from Framed Cooks but a bunch of other delicious blogs as well. You can find those links on the top left.



As always, you can print out any recipe, or save it to a Ziplist recipe box…



And if you like it, I’d be tickled pink if you would share it with your friends. There are coincidentally a whole bunch of handy share buttons under each post:



And send me your comments! I promise to answer each and every one, even if it’s just to say thanks for reading my meandering thoughts about cooking dinner.

And speaking of thank yous, now for a whole bunch of them. First and foremost, thank you to my wonderful, calm and creative Cathy at WordPress Barista.


Cathy and her fabulous designer Diane are the ones who keep my blog running smoothly and looking great, and who have held my hand with patience and good cheer through this whole process. Cathy, you are amazing and I adore you. Anyone out there looking to start a blog or spiff up the one you already have? Please click here, and tell Cathy that Kate sent you.

Next, thanks and love to the one and only David Leite, my beloved and irrepressible friend in cooking, blogging and just plain daily life. He is beyond generous with his wisdom and advice and support in this blogging adventure of mine, and he also makes a mean lemon curd cake. I love him. And I love his spectacular website, Leite’s Culinaria.



Go visit it right now, and prepare for some serious, glorious food inspiration.

And really, this whole adventure started when my dear friend and photography teacher, the wildly talented Bob Carey, told me to go out and shoot a different still life every day for two weeks. That still life series was a bunch of pictures of my dinner, and those pictures were the beginning of this blog. Five years and over 950 posts later here I am, thanks to countless hours of coaching and support from one of the most gifted people I know. Click here to see Bob’s spectacular work, and you’ll understand how lucky I am to have him in my corner.


Oh, and there are these two.

I owe them most of all, for all the lukewarm dinners when I was getting just one more shot, the recipes that were a bust, the hours retouching and writing and writing some more, and for a million other things. I love you guys more than bacon.

And for those of you who have been following me since my early days, and put up with posts like this one where I featured a picture of a guinea pig instead of the potato salad in my recipe index…bless you.  I’m going to keep that post exactly the way it is, just to keep me humble.

And if you are just coming to my site today, I hope you stick around and explore. Because this whole blog adventure has been so much more fun with all you guys here.  Thank you, thank you, thank you! Thank you.

And now we return you to our regularly scheduled, bacon-infused programming!


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  1. Deena says

    Great new look for the site. Thanks for all the recipes. Blogs like yours are the best way to learn about the real American cookery that people do in their homes. So much fantastic stuff! Best wishes from Nottingham, England

  2. Patty says

    I love it! I’ve been following for about a year and a half and I check the site every single day!! I have four cooking blogs I check,daily for inspiration and this is one of them…
    Thank you for the wonderful recipes and stories and pictures. The new look is wonderful!

  3. Karen Clark says

    I love the new look of your blog! I have been following you for about a year and have found that your recipes are very close to our taste in foods. I have adapted my and my husbands different foods tastes into our own blend and I have found that your recipes are a go-to for us. Thank you!

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