An Uncommon Giveaway Part Two: Great Gifts for Mother’s Day!

It’s week two of my four week giveaway of fabulous Mother’s Day gifts from the equally fabulous UnCommonGoods, who has generously let me pick four goodies from their Mother’s Day collection to give to you.  Naturally I picked things that had to do with eating and drinking and cooking and all that good stuff.  And when I saw this completely beautiful, completely clever cheese and crackers board…love at first sight.  And it might be yours (or your mom’s!)…but more on that in a sec.

First of all, the cleverness.  Cheese & Crackers.  It’s a cheese & crackers board.  Note the & part of that.  Now let’s look at the board without the cheese & crackers on it.

It took me a minute or so, but then I was in love.  The crackers can be stacked up in the grooves of the &, and the cheese can sit in the raised parts in between, and the whole thing is adorable. ADORABLE!  It’s made of a gorgeous North American maple in my favorite state in the Union (Vermont!), and it’s taking every ounce of self-control I have to actually give it away. Click here to take a closer look at its wonderfulness.

But give it away I will – leave me a comment below telling me the favorite snack your mom made for you when you were a kid – maybe it was cheese & crackers!  And in a week I will randomly pick one lucky winner.

And in the meantime, a few more recipes will be coming your way!

This giveaway is now closed.


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  1. Rachel says

    My grandmother made the best snacks. She would make me boiled potatoes and then put mustard on them for an after school snack. Her mother had done the same for her and her sister where they grew up in Cincinnati. I think it was a German thing, as her parents were German. The other snack she made was apples fried in butter with added sugar and cinnamon. I really miss her.

  2. Edie McGrath says

    My daughter and I started a wine and cheese tasting tradition. Once a month we put together new wine and new cheeses to pare with the wine. We invite friends and family. It has been a huge hit and this would be a lovely addition to our table setting.

  3. Kris says

    I loved when my mom put peanut butter on crackers. She would sprinkle my medicine on it and it wasn’t so yucky.

  4. Mindy says

    Tiny Tupperware containers filled with mini marshmallows, raisins, chocolate chips, and red hots to keep us quiet in church!

  5. Karen Nelson says

    Loved Ritz crackers with peanut butter and sometimes I would add grape jelly. Of course we had cheese and crackers too. I have one for everyone to try. It may sound odd but trust me…
    Sliced salami..smear peanut butter…eat…your choice creamy or chunky:-) You will either love me or hate me because you can’t stop!

  6. Julz says

    This board is super cute and my favourite thing my mum used to make me after school was indeed cheese and crackers!

  7. says

    My mom definitely wouldn’t want me sharing this with the world, but she used to give my siblings and I a tub of pre-made betty crocker frosting and box of graham crackers (or saltines if there were no graham crackers…!). We’d devour it. So terribly bad for us, but we loved it…and it kept the four of us out her hair for a while. :)

  8. Sarah H.P. says

    My mom used to make us brownies and lemonade in the summer! It wasn’t the healthiest of snacks but it was so tasty and comforting!

  9. Beth says

    My mom and I have always loved cheese and crackers. Our tastes have matured quite a bit over the years, but I remember one of my favorite early combos coming from her mother. My grandma made me cojack cheese slices on saltines with a sweet pickle slice – so weird but so good! Another favorite “&” for us was graham crackers and milk. Happy food memories!

  10. Kristen says

    Date bread with cream cheese–in the old Chock Full o’ Nuts style–was one of the things my mom made me as a snack. I loved it. I guess I’m just Brooklyn through and through. :)

  11. Lisa Herling says

    My grandmother made home made crackers that were delicious! Every Sunday we had dinner together with both grandmothers. We watched golf on TV (I’m watching the Master’s now!) and while they had a cocktail, we ate crackers & cheese and some other nibbles. That beautiful board would have been perfect! And there was a lot of knitting going on! :) Great memories.

  12. Sue says

    That board is adorable! My favorite snack my mom made me after school was American cheese on saltines. I know…needless to say my taste in cheese has vastly improved!

  13. Leah says

    Brownies. My mother always made sure that fresh, homemade brownies were on hand. She still does, even now that it’s just her and my father at home.

  14. Christine says

    To this day, no one can make jellyfish salad like my mom can. Cold pickled jellyfish + shredded carrots + sesame oil + salt and a generous helping of chili powder imported from China. It sounds bizarre to someone who’s never had it before, but I’ve converted more than one Westerner to this delicious treat.

  15. Kim says

    My mom was not much of a cook (she’d grown up a tomboy and that never really changed) but she did make the most delicious desserts! Probably because she had such a sweet tooth, she learned how to make her favorites: chocolate cream pie (all from scratch, of course, since she learned to cook in the 40s and 50s) and peanut butter fudge. I have tried soooo many times to replicate her fudge, to no avail. She didn’t have a recipe as such, it was a pinch of this and a dab of that, cooked to soft ball stage before adding the rest of the ingredients… Anyway, I miss her fudge more than anything! Every time I come across peanut butter fudge, I eagerly try it, but no one has ever come close to making any as yummy as hers. As far as snacks go, my mom was a fan of the prepackaged kinds: twinkies and ding dongs and doritos and fritos chips — as long as it didn’t involve anything more than opening the package! hahaha

  16. ColleenB. ~ Texas says

    Love that cracker and cheese board.
    Snacks that I had growing up where variety of fruits and sometimes maybe a sandwich of some kind
    Thank you for this wonderful giveaway opportunity

  17. Alyssa says

    Growing up our snack every Sunday evening was chocolate shakes and popcorn. Since my Mom would cook every meal for us during the week, she liked to keep it simple on Sunday nights. Now that I’m an adult, I like to occasionally have a chocolate shake and popcorn on a Sunday night because it brings back good memories from my childhood.

  18. Mary C says

    Oh my stars, it WAS cheese and crackers! Chedder, on leftover crackers from grandmother’s poker night (they don’t play bridge since “that’s for old ladies”, and she’s only 92) and toasted in the toaster oven. I have a tiny scar on the back of my hand from the day I finally understood the word “hot”. She’d always tell me they were hot, but I was hungry… and there was melty cheese… >.>

  19. Theresa M. says

    That is one cool cheese & cracker board! Snacks varied at our house; most of the time it was sliced American cheese on Ritz.

  20. DT says

    Thinking back, I guess I didn’t grow up in a snack-prone home. But my mother made really tasty rugalech. Hope that qualifies!

  21. Raylene Nunes says

    Celery and cream cheese. Celery and cheese spread. And of course celery and peanut butter. Those were her always on hand ones.

  22. says

    Believe it or not, but my favorite snack was sardines on toast with mustard. It was really good, but have not had it since I was a child.

  23. Laura Henri says

    My mom is norwegian, so my snacks were always very..fishy. She used to give me a tin of smoked oysters and crackers!

  24. Laurie M says

    Saltines w/ cream cheese & grape jelly – salty, creamy & sweet. Yum.
    Oh yeah and leftover spaghetti sandwiches on white bread folded in half. Thanks, I hadn’t thought of those in a long time.

  25. Cindy says

    My favorite snack made by my Mom had to be graham crackers with homemade powdered sugar icing. So simple, so yum!

  26. Phoebe says

    As a kid, I hated cheese so my mom and dad would always make quesadillas for the other kids and just give me a tortilla with butter on it. I loved it.

  27. stacie says

    I was a latch key kid, so my mom didnt make many snacks for me. I do remember toast topped with applesauce and sugar and then toasted. It sounds terrible, but tastes good!

  28. says

    Does Oreos on a plate with a glass of milk count as “making” a snack? My mom didn’t make snacks but she always had some store bought cookies, crackers, chips or pretzels for us after school.

  29. Lisa G says

    Hmmm, I can’t even remember my mom making a snack for me and my brothers when we were kids. We must have been very independent, as I remember getting my own snacks after school. My favorite was a glazed doughnut with some Creole cream cheese on the side.

  30. Diane says

    My mom had a snack ready for us each day when we came home from school. I can still remember the comfort and feeling of security it brought. Snickerdoodle cookies were her specialty. I miss my mom and I miss those cookies!

  31. Tracey says

    My parents were huge health-food enthusiasts, and to be honest I don’t even remember having snacks! I suppose if we did we probably got apples and peanut butter (all-natural) or cheese. But if I win this board I’ll have snacks every day!

  32. Julie says

    My mom always tried to give me healthy but delicious snacks such as cheese and fruit such as apple and peanut butter!

  33. Esther T. says

    My mother was a home economics teacher, so everything she gave us had some nutritional value. Snacks usually included some fruit, and if we were lucky..some graham crackers.

  34. Kiersten says

    My favorite was definitely those little hot dogs in crescent dough — with cheese! Everyone makes them, i know, but when i was little and my mom would pull those out for an occasion…i KNEW it was special. :)

  35. Christi Pike says

    We loved it when mom was cooking cabbage or making slaw. She would cut the cabbage core into slices and we would eat them sprinkled with salt . DELICIOUS…there were plenty of cookies too. :)

  36. Glenda says

    My mom always made her pies from scratch. She would roll out the leftover scraps of pie dough and sprinkle cinnamon and sugar on them and bake them up for us kids! YUM! What a sweet memory!

  37. Steve says

    Vita Wheats with Vegemite and cheese. We used to take the cheese off and squeeze the Vita Wheats together to watch the “black worms” ooze through the holes. Then scrape the “worms” up with the cheese..

  38. Michael says

    I am a graphic designer and we have historical typographic items throughout our office. This would would compliment the other design related items we have in our office, and be perfect for client meetings!

  39. Barbara Russo says

    My mother made me cheese and crackers for lunch everyday for a year in elementary school and I didn’t mind at all.

  40. Maria B says

    “Ants on a log”

    cream cheese or peanut butter on a piece of celery stick with a few raisins or chocolate chips as the “ants”

  41. deb in sc says

    the best thing my mom made was a pizza from the green box (was it chef boyaredee?) flour for a crust, a little can of sauce, and then the parmesan cheese from the green can…..I’m sure I wouldn’t think it was yum today….but back then it was awesome!

  42. Susan says

    When the Miss America Pageant was on my Mom would make a batch of popcorn. Every single kernel had butter on it and just the right amount of salt. To have with it we got a special treat of a bottle of ice cold Coca Cola. When I got older my mom gave me the job of melting the butter and it made me feel like a “big girl” that I was cooking on the stove.

  43. Js says

    Love the cheeseboard – so unique AND it symbolizes gathering the family and friends for more good times (plus food)
    We used to blend peanut butter and jelly – we each picked our favorite – then mom spread it on graham crackers for an afternoon treat. Made us all feel special.

  44. Emma W says

    My favorite weekend snack that Mom used to make was a piece of bread with a slice of cheese on top (usually American). She would assemble, then turn on the broiler and put the bread and cheese in until the cheese was gooey with a little bit of a brown crust on top. On some special days Mom would add some tomato soup and call it lunch. Mmm.

  45. Kasey J. says

    Funny you say cheese and crackers….it was something my mom always put out on holidays to snack on. It was my favorite, cured meats, cheeses, and crackers. Such a variety and the different combinations that you could create. Dad and I would also always share a can of sardines. It has created such a memory for me.

  46. Catherine d. says

    Favorite snack was peanut butter on a tortilla, or a slice of cheese rolled in a tortilla, or a plain tortilla with cinnamon sugar….sensing a theme? If it could go on bread, I loved having it on a freshly warmed flour tortilla instead! :-)

  47. Taryn T. says

    My mom would make cinnamon sugar toast- she would butter the toast, and then sprinkle on the sugar and cinnamon, and cut it into little squares! Yumm!

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