An Uncommon Giveway….Part Two!

It’s Week Two of my four week giveaway extravaganza with one of my very favorite holiday shopping websites, the uncommonly good Uncommon Goods!  For the next several weeks I will be giving away one of their super-fun, super-smart gifts, and this one is a doozy.  Because it involves pizza, and with the possible exception of bacon, I can’t think of anything I would be happier to get as a gift than something that included the word pizza.  Please meet the Pizza Cone Kit!

It’s pretty much exactly what you think it is – a nifty set that allows you to make your own pizza, only in an adorable cone shape.  If you are like me, you already fold your pizza into a cone-like shape anyway when you eat it, so this whole thing makes perfect sense to me.  The kit comes with all the equipment you need to make pizza cones, including a recipe (yay!), and I even found the step by step process on the very entertaining UncommonGoods blog (click here to take a look).  And just to repeat what I said last week, UncommonGoods is a delicious website chock-full of creative present ideas, and when they asked me if I would be interested in partnering up with them on a few of their goodies, I couldn’t say yes fast enough.  So this pizza cone set is coming to you courtesy of the lovely folks at UncommonGoods….but only if you enter!

So to do that, simply leave me a comment below telling me what you love best about pizza, and in a week I will pick the lucky pizza cone winner!  And in the meantime, if you want to check out more details on this fun holiday giftie, just click here.

This giveaway is now closed…please check back soon for the next one!

Pizza cones!  I’m in the holiday spirit just thinking about them.



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  1. Pizza is one of the few foods my son likes. For that reason alone I love pizza!!!

  2. Kate,
    How fun!
    Making pizza on a Friday night is the pour-a-glass-of-wine, tell-me-about-your-week ritual that my husband and I have followed for nearly twenty years. A new shape to our pizza would lend a new shape to our Friday nights! :)

  3. Nancy Stern says:

    I always thought this was a great idea …. As. Mc Pizza…..

  4. My favorite thing about pizza is how versatile it can be and quick it is to make! :)

  5. I love the versatility and variety you get with pizza. It’s so fun to mix up the toppings!

  6. Not only for pizza! I can see making pizzas the kids would love but also cookie cones for ice cream or other goodies!

  7. Karen Nelson says:

    Bacon! Pizza! Bacon! Pizza! How about pizza with bacon!?!
    Pizza is so great because you can do whatever your heart or imagination desires and it
    can be a complete meal! It can also get everyone involved
    in creating their perfect meal.
    Fun to try different crusts.. deep dish, thin, thick, cornmeal… sky’s the limit!
    Love my pizza stone for that crisp crunch crust!
    and pizza cones?? who knew?!? good luck everyone’

  8. I adore a slice with the perfect ratio of cheese to crust. 50/50 in my mind. Add a fatty sausage or sweet onion, and I’m in heaven!

  9. Victoria Purinton says:

    I love my husband’s homemade pizza. Our kids (5 and 6) would not eat pizza until this past year (kinda crazy, huh?) so we have made up for their previous lack of love. Interestingly enough they prefer dad’s pizza over carry-out and/or frozen. The pizza cones look awesome and I would love to try them out!

  10. I love pizza! Pizza takes me home to days when my siblings and I would crowd around and watch TV with our parents every Friday night. We would make pizza together…all 6 of us!it was always crazy and fun and messy all at once and to this day I still love making pizza!

  11. I haven’t met a pizza I didn’t like…OHHHH cheese, mushrooms and sausage…cones…PLEASE!!!

  12. Fun! We make pizza every week and everyone combines their own toppings. Mushrooms are a favorite in our house

  13. christopher sorel says:

    Love pizza because it is all in one food. veggie and protein with some grains.

  14. ColleenB. says:

    Love pizza cause it can be made so many ways and in different pans.
    I like making individual pizzas using my brownie pan which can make 12 at a time with different toppings on each if your little heart so desires

  15. Robin Gossman says:

    I saw this kit earlier this year and came really close to buying it. It’s a great hand held way to eat pizza! Kids would love it!

  16. annette turello says:

    the dough,THICK CRUST

  17. Pam Gurganus says:

    What I love best about pizza is the crust!

  18. Carol Evans says:

    Oh my gosh! who would have thought of this, my 7 grandchildren would just love to eat pizza this way, actually they love to eat pizza however you serve it.

  19. What a great idea! I love that you can get everying on one bite: Veggies, carbs, protein and deliciousness!

  20. I LOVE that it’s my familys favorite food. My daughter told me once that if she had to describe herself she’d be a pesto pizza with goat cheese, sun dried tomatoes lots of garlic and fresh basil. YUM!

  21. Pizza is the best, & yes I fold it too. But why no bacon? Favorite is thin crust, extra cheese and bacon. Wonderful combo, how can you not LOVE it. Could consider it for breakfast.

  22. I love lots of fresh veggies on a thin crust. Yummy!

  23. The thing I love most about pizza is the cheese!! Can’t get enough! (this is such an awesome prize…!!)

  24. Hands down what I love about pizza is that it pleases everyone in my allergy ridden finicky palate having household. There are a billion crust options, and you can top them with ANYTHING =D all veg no cheese gluten free? No problem! All meat extra bacon extra sauce? Covered! And it’s a worry free meal event with everyone topping their own how they want and being happily fed with relatively easy cleanup. (And they’ve been sneakily tricked into a great deal of family face time muahahahahaha (not that they need “tricked” but busy happens =P ))

  25. Favorite thing about pizza is that is comfort food and if it has veggies on it I feel like its healthy too!

  26. I love pizza with pepperoni, onions, green olives and black olives on crispy thin crust

  27. Mike Connolly says:

    I love everything on pizza.

  28. Thin crispy crust

  29. Christi Pike says:

    Because our lives have become so hectic through the week – we have begun a new tradition. We make a pizza at home and set down in front of the tv to watch all of our shows on DVR that we haven’t had a chance to during the week. It has become one of my favorite nights of the week!

  30. Sarah H.P. says:

    My favorite thing about pizza is the gooey mozzarella cheese!

  31. I love pizza because you can make anything!! So many options!! When it comes to food the more options the better!!!!

  32. Pizza is my “if I could only have one food for the rest of my life” food. I LOVE it! Any and all kinds. Yum!

  33. Pizza is amazing. When you make it to order everybody is happy. They can have their favorite toppings!

  34. I love how versatile pizza is. Add a couple of the right ingredients or whatever’s in your kitchen, and you can have a delicious feast in short order.

  35. There are endless options with pizza and it is a guaranteed crowd pleaser!

  36. I love EVERYTHING about pizza. And now I love pizza cones too!

  37. Steve Grimm says:

    Pizza to me is my I’ve been doing good, gift to myself. It’s like the icing on my good karma account.
    One of my favorites is freshly caught salmon with spinach and black walnut pesto. Can’t forget the heaping mounds of Moz!
    As a bachelor, these individual serving cones make so much sense.

    Thanks so much for the chance to get a kit.


  38. I love that we can each customize our piece with toppings.

  39. my favorite thing about pizza is it’s versatility- and the fact that all versions include CHEESE!

  40. Wow, I just love this idea!! So much fun :)

  41. It has all four food groups. You can use paper plates and your hands. Everyone in my family likes it. If you make it yourself you can make it very healthy and still very good! What’s not to like?

  42. Endless toppings! What’s not to love?

  43. Caryn Stellman says:

    What a super idea!! One of my sons-in-law is always “yelling” at the kids because their pizza is dripping and they are making a mess! Now, they can enjoy their favorite pizza and really eat it with out the fussy dad!!!

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