And the Winners Are….

Oh, this cookbook.  My giveaway is officially closing today with the announcement of those three lucky winners below, but you haven’t heard the last of me with THE PREPPY COOKBOOK!  It’s fabulous author has generously told me I can share a few of her recipes here and there, and so please get ready for the grilled roast beef, pear and blue cheese sandwich I’m going to discuss on this blog next week.  I know.  I know!!  But in the meantime, thank you for your fabulous comments on this giveaway, and here come the lucky winners without further ado!

As always, I let do the hard work of choosing for me, and here are the folks who will be getting this gem of a cookbook (and I kind of love that picked the very first and almost the last commenter.  It just goes to show you, you can never be too early or too late!).  In answer to the question what is your favorite good taste meal or drink, here are the winning comments:

#1,  Karen says: Might not sound very exciting but everyone loves my
enchiladas! I make them to order.. chicken, beef, or veggie.
I make the sauce which is a very old San Francisco recipe.
I enjoy making them because I know the recipients enjoy them:-)
I also like experimenting with different ingredients from the filling to the cheeses.
They are actually quite versatile!

#44, Kelly G says: Everyone’s recipes sound SO good! My step dad requests me to make pot roast for him ALL the time because he says it’s better than his moms.

#68, stellastarlite says: A Moscow Mule served in a copper mug with a sprig of mint!


Congrats to all you lucky winners…and everyone please come back tomorrow for my October Sunday Cookbook Giveaway!






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  1. Karen Nelson says

    Oh my!! I’m so excited ! thanks Kare for throwing my enchiladas
    into the random. org ring!
    thank you so much!!!

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