October Sunday Cookbook Giveaway: Pinkalicious Cupcake Cookbook!

Oh, do I have a sweet treat for you with my October Sunday Cookbook Giveaway! If you live with, are related to or have any contact whatsoever with any little girls between the ages of just about birth all the way through grade school, you have probably heard the word “Pinkalicious” a few times.  Aside from being a deliciously fun word to say, it’s also the name of one of the most beloved picture book characters around.  More on Pinkalicious in a second, but first let me tell you that us grown-ups can now get in on the fun with this pretty in pink cookbook that is full of cupcakes that are straight out of every sweet dream you’ve ever had.  And I not only have a few copies of the cookbook to give away, but a few additional pinktastic treats as well!

But back to Pinkalicious herself for a second.  As any self-respecting 7 year old girl can tell you, Pinkalicious loves pink, especially pink cupcakes…in fact, pink cupcakes are a Very Important Part of the first Pinkalicious storybook by beloved author and artist Victoria Kann.  So it was really only a matter of time before the Pinkalicious world of books welcomed a cookbook that would make those cupcakes a reality for little Pinkalicious readers and the grown-ups who love them.  And when I say cupcakes, I mean Cupcakes.

Princess cupcakes.  Cake pop flowers.  Birthday cupcakes and Christmas cupcakes. Cupcakes with sprinkles and swirls and cherries on top.  This is your happily-ever-after, pretty as a picture, sweet dreams cupcake book, and if you know anyone who likes pink and cupcakes, you can look no further because you have found the perfect pinkeriffic present.

And now here comes the best part of this post, because not only do I have two Pinkalicious Cupcake Cookbooks to give away…I also have a grand prize of the cookbook AND everything you need to have a dazzling cupcake party, including candy sticks, Pinkalicious party plates and napkins, sprinkles, cupcake wrappers and best of all, a complete library of the Pinkalicious picture books, including Pinkalicious, Purplicious, Silverlicious, Goldalicious and Emeraldalicious.  All courtesy of the pinktastic folks at HarperCollins Children’s Books.

I know.  It’s Pinka-mazing!!

As always, all you need to do to enter is to leave me a comment telling me what your favorite cupcake is, your favorite children’s book, or both.  And then at the end of the month I will pick two lucky cookbook winners and one lucky grand prize winner who will receive the cookbook plus all that Pinkalicious party wonderfulness!  And in the meantime, if you want a closer look at the whole world of Pinkalicious, click here…it’s a pretty in pink wonderland!

This giveaway is now closed – thanks for your comments!



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  1. Kristie D. says

    My favorite kid’s book is “Joseph Had a Little Overcoat” by Simms Taback. My favorite cupcake is chocolate with peanut butter frosting and a drizzle of caramel. Yum! Although I am always open to trying to find a new favorite. Ha ha! kristiedonelson(at)gmail(dot)com Thank you,

  2. Jennifer B. says

    My daughter’s favorite book is Pinkalicious and of course her favorite cupcake is the Pinkalicious cupcake featured in the book. She had to have them for her last birthday party, specially made to look just like the ones Mommy makes in the book. So, a pink cupcake with loads of pink frosting and a cherry are our favorites, most likely a cherry-vanilla flavored cupcake although older brother would say red velvet cupcakes are the best. :)

  3. says

    My favorite cupcake is yellow cake with chocolate frosting. My favorite children’s book is Extra Yarn by Mac Barnett and Jon Klassen (Illustrator). My kids are huge fans of Pinkalicious. They would love this cookbook! Thanks for the giveaway.

  4. Jackie M. says

    My favorite cupcake is vanilla salted caramel. Tastes like heaven! My favorite children’s book is Silverlicious. My 4 year old daughter is a huge fan, she also loves the Pinkalicious Soccer Star story. Think pink!!!

  5. Rachel V says

    My favorite cupcake is a red velvet with cream cheese frosting. My kids love all books. I’m not sure they could pick a favorite! They are great readers. When we were asking them what they might want for Christmas, they all had “good books” as an item they wanted.

  6. says

    My favorite cupcake is a Red Devil cupcake. It is a Devil’s Food cake mixed with red velvet Cake mix with Dark Chocolate frosting on top!!! So Yummy. My favorite Pinkalicious book is Silverlicious. We did a cupcake party as well featuring this book. We had plain cupcakes and the girls were given their own frosting and all of the candies mentioned in that book. It was a Blast.

  7. Marsha Saenz-Jones says

    My favorite cupcake is Ebony & Ivory. It’s a rich chocolate cake with an intense vanilla bean frosting. The favorite kids book in our household has always been I’ll Love You Forver.

  8. Annmarie W. says

    My favorite cupcakes are the ones my daughter made a couple of months ago…she loves making cupcakes! These were chocolate, with a tie-die looking frosting. She took white icing & used various food colorings all in one bag and they looked (and tasted) awesome!

  9. Roz Levy says

    My favorite is a dark chocolate cupcake with a marshmallow meringue frosting. Yummy,yummy. I have five grandchildren who love to bake with me. My youngest is three and LOVES the color pink. That’s all she will wear. I think my favorite children’s book is How Much Do I Love You and a close second is Jamberry.

  10. Jessica P says

    Our favorite book currently is anything Pinkalicious, my daughter is have a Pinkalicious party in a couple of months and is soooo excited.

  11. Crystal F says

    We love cupcakes at our house! Salted caramel is my absolute favorite. Our favorite books are “The Giving Tree” and “If You Give A Mouse A Cookie”

  12. says

    I love meyer lemon cupcakes, and I have a confession…I loooooove children’s books. I could seriously spend longer in the children’s book section than any other section in the bookstore (even cookbooks!). It’s hard to pick a favorite, but I do love Where the Wild Things Are.

  13. Cathy H says

    My favorite cupcake is a red velvet with vanilla frosting cupcake. Simple and delicious! One of my favorite children’s book is Where the Wild Things Are. Wow! I just noticed that Sheila True shares that in common with me! Thanks!

  14. Sandra H. says

    My favorite cupcake is a mini-cheesecake cupcake (though anything chocolate is a close runner up) and my top three children’s books (it’s impossible to choose just one!) are: The Rainbow Goblins, The Clown of God and Dove Isabeau (I highly recommend them all!). :)

    Thanks for the wonderful giveaway! :)

  15. Jan R says

    This time of year I like making the large pumpkin cupcakes with cream cheese frosting. I then take to work so I don’t eat them. They are sooooo yummy.

  16. Marilyn says

    It is 7:15 a.m. and how can the talk of all these cupcakes make me hungry?

    My favorite children’s books are by Eric Carle. The BEST cupcake is a Chocolate Cheese-Chip Cupcake–homemade chocolate cupcakes with a cream-cheese and chocolate chip filling baked in.

  17. Becca says

    It’s almost impossible to choose a favorite cupcake…I have so much cupcake love to spread around! But if I really have to pick a favorite, I would say that Red Velvet cupcakes call to me every time. As for a favorite children’s book, Pinkalicious ranks at the top. My youngest child owns every book in the Pinkalicous series, and they really are cute stories.

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