Banana Bread Ice Cream Shooters

I have so much to explain about these little lovelies pictured above!  Let me start by saying exactly what they are: crumbled up banana bread layered with a little vanilla ice cream and a few walnuts, all drizzled with caramel sauce.  And served in shooter glasses, so they are just the right amount of dessert for those times when you’ve had a lovely satisfying dinner but still want just a bite or two of something sweet.  That’s the easy part to explain…but there’s more to the story!

I got the idea for these one day after I had made banana bread and was thinking about some creative things to do with it, and in my head the idea came out as “Banana Bread Ice Cream Shots.”  As in, a little bit of banana bread and ice cream and other things served in a shot glass, just like I described it above.  There was only one issue…I didn’t have any shot glasses.  Nope, I’m a red wine kind of girl, and so while I have loads of wine glasses, there was not one shot glass on the premises.  So I ordered myself some, but when they arrived the Southern daughter explained to me that I had purchased shooter glasses.  Not shot glasses. Shooter glasses.  Apparently there is a significant difference that college students know all about, and clearly this was not part of the curriculum way back when I was in school.  So my recipe stayed exactly the same, except it was now known as “Banana Bread Ice Cream Shooters.”

And since the Southern daughter was so helpful with the terminology, I decided to recruit her to help me with the picture.  I had a vision of taking a picture just as the caramel sauce was being drizzled on to the ice cream.  Which was already melting.  So I clearly needed reinforcements, and I have to say, she has steady hands and did a great job of Pouring Under Pressure.

My caramel sauce needed to be heated just a little to make it pourable, which had the happy result of having the ice cream melt around the sauce and into the crumbled banana bread.

This recipe is of course endlessly customizable.  You can switch out the vanilla ice cream with butter pecan, or caramel.  You can switch out the banana bread with chocolate cake, or little scoops of apple pie.  You can switch out the caramel sauce with chocolate sauce (chocolate and bananas….mmmmmmmm!)  You can leave out the walnuts, or switch them out with pecans or almonds or raisins or chocolate chips.  But if you have some banana bread lurking around, I highly recommend this combo.

In either a shot glass or a shooter glass…your choice!  I hope this has been as educational for you as it was for me.



Banana Bread Ice Cream Shooters
  • Banana bread, crumbled into small pieces
  • Vanilla ice cream
  • Walnuts
  • Your favorite caramel sauce, heated as necessary to be pourable
  • Shot or shooter glasses for serving
  1. Assemble as follows: about a heaping teaspoon each of banana bread, ice cream and walnuts. Repeat for as many layers as you can get into your glasses, which should be two or three. Leave a little room at the top for the caramel sauce.
  2. Drizzle caramel sauce on top of each serving and top with a walnut half. Serve at once.
I didn't include ingredient amounts because this recipe can make as many servings as you have shooter glasses! Or shot glasses. Or shooter...oh, never mind.


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  1. Blewits says

    I hate you – in a good way. That photo is just cruel! CRUEL, I TELL YOU!

    I can’t wait to make this. Now I have another reason to buy more dishes (I’ve been looking at these little glasses for a while now anyway) which my husband will be very excited about. :/ He doesn’t quite appreciate my dish obsession.

    He’ll forget about it when I serve these little jewels up!

    Thanks Kate. This will be a great thing to serve to friends at the lake. Can’t wait!

    • Kate says

      My husband has the same reaction – he gets that “and where are THOSE going to go” look in his eye. But it all disappears when things like banana bread shooters show up on the table. :)

    • Kate says

      Shooters are taller and skinnier, shot glasses are shorter and wider…and there are all kinds of rules about which drinks go in which glass. Personally I’m going to keep filling mine with banana bread and ice cream. :)

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