July Cookbook Sunday Giveaway: CookFight!

My cookbook giveway for July is SO MUCH FUN!  I should start out by saying I am usually not a fan of cooking competitions.  My friends are constantly asking me what I think of this or that television show – you know, the ones that have folks racing to make this or that, and that usually involve a stern and exasperated panel of judges?  No thanks – I cook because it makes me feel happy, not to raise my blood pressure.  But I’m making an exception for COOKFIGHT, because while it does involve a series of cooking challenges,  they are done with humor and heart, and everybody wins.  Especially we lucky readers who get a whole bunch of delectable recipes along with some delightfully entertaining writing.

Here’s the scoop: the authors are Kim Severson and Julia Moskin, both food writers for The New York Times…so you know this is a fair fight.  They cook their way through 12 challenges, which include things like The Picnic Challenge, The Farmer’s Market Challenge and The Bake-Off Challenge.

Each challenge includes a fabulously entertaining introduction from each of the authors about how she approached each one, followed by their delectable, delicious recipes.  As for the winner – well, that would be you and me, as we get 125 inventive recipes from two absolute geniuses in the kitchen who can also tell a great story.

And speaking of winners, I’ll be picking three of them to receive a copy of this scrumptious new book…just leave me a comment telling me what you would make if someone challenged you to cook up your very favorite recipe.  CookFight!  It’s a win-win.




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  1. Rachel A says:

    While I love to cook, I think I’m much better on the grill, so I’d put my baby back ribs in the for the challenge!

  2. Nancy Stern says:

    I would make my “kitchen sink paella”…..
    It has something for everyone except those that don’t eat meat.
    Hits all the food groups if tomatoes are fruits.

  3. If put to the challenge I think I could hold my own with my sauce recipe for pasta. I have been making it so long I can do it with my eyes closed…its simple fresh and easy to make and I always make extra so I can freeze some for another day.
    San Marzano tomatoes,fresh basil,onion,garlic,a bay leaf,a little olive oil,a shredded carrot, and I don’t measure really anything I just add what I am feeling.

  4. I would make my to die for enchiladas!

  5. Karen Nelson says:

    my secret meat loaf:-). Kate I am with you! I could not compete
    in a cooking challenge either, but I do enjoy watching
    the creativity that comes in a flash ! This looks like a fun cookbook..
    Going to head over to Google and take a closer look! Thanks for the offer…!

  6. Lisa LaMunyon says:

    Oh it would be a hard chose for me. Either Italian Steak, Ham Mac & Cheese, or Cauliflower Slaw. All winners in my family!

  7. Oh I would totally make the Chocolate Praline Layer cake that won the Pillsbury Bake Off years ago. That’s such a showy cake, but pretty easy to make.

  8. These days I am all about making strawberry pies!

  9. My refried bean tostadas (with whatever meat is handy).

  10. Pam Seipp says:

    I would challenge anyone with crock pot fajitas with all the trimmings.

  11. Deanna C. says:

    I love a good challenge! I have severe food allergies and I have celiac disease so I have to make lots of changes to recipes and be creative. It keeps me on my toes. I would definitely pick my Mexican plate. It is a huge concoction of yummy ingredients with lots of flavor and kick!

  12. I would make a spicy paleo lasagna.

  13. Rebeccah says:

    I would make my butternut squash gnocchi. Tried and true, they actually have won me some cooking challenges in the past!

  14. Elizabeth says:

    I get the most compliments for my smoked salmon. This looks like a fabulous book to have!

  15. Paul Corsa says:

    Twice we’ve made a recipe from William Sonoma for Beef Short Rib Stroganoff. The boneless ribs are browned, cooked in a rich gravy, defatted, then covered with puff pastry and Baked before serving. It is an awesome company dinner.

  16. I’d make my Devil’s Food Cake with dark chocolate ganache.

  17. My super spiced succulent roast chicken.

  18. I would have to go with my stand-by of Boston Creme Eclairs. It’s the recipe that gets requested every family holiday.

  19. ColleenB. says:

    Being from Texas, I would have to fix a Texas BBQ Brisket.
    Oh, I hope I win. Would love to have this cookbook and add it along with my other favorite 300 plus cookbooks
    thank you for this opportunity

  20. People love my chicken paprika.

  21. My favorite? … like choosing a favorite child! SO many that are the best (depending on the day, the mood) … but just maybe it’s shrimp, orzo & fresh tomatoes. YUM … but then again there’s blueberry muffins with cinnamon … and chicken breasts stuffed with mushrooms/onions & gift wrapped in phyllo …

  22. Christi Pike says:

    I would make my family favorite “Pork Chop Bake” and ask for an endorsement from Lipton Onion Soup since it is a long ago recipe using their product :) THIS cookbook looks like a good read. I am really enjoying your book giveaways…thank you!

  23. Elaine Donohue says:

    If put to the challenge, chicken cordon bleu.

  24. Melissa Nichols says:

    In would have to make either my award winning chili or crispy baked chicken thighs with cherry tomatoes and feta cheese. Both are family favorites!! I agree with Mimi. Depends on the day, mood, etc. Of what I would choose, but it would be one of these two. Both are family faves!!

  25. Right now my favorite recipe would be my Strawberry Cream Cheese Cream Puffs as I will be competing in the finals in November at the 46th Pillsbury Bake-Off Contest. I’m so excited! Thanks for the giveaway, I LOVE cookbooks, read them like a good novel.

  26. SANSERE says:

    I’d make my eggs benedict because whenever my father-in-law orders it out, he always says that mine is better! Gotta love him!

  27. Marsha Hanzel says:

    Today I am picking my hot fudge sauce recipe. We all love it, I would love to win the cookbook. It sounds like a fun cookbook.

  28. What a fun premise for a cookbook!

    My favorite recipe…hmmm…that’s a tough one! Maybe my chocolate cupcakes with basil buttercream.

  29. Carol Evans says:

    I have so many favorites, my husband really enjoys my Shredded Short Ribs and Papparadelle. Also a Shrimp and Fennel creamy soup for a starter. Of course this is for cold weather. We eat loads of vegie plates in the summer.

  30. annette turello says:

    My Italian Sauce For Pasta,Meat sauce ,I Add Pork Spareribs To It Soooo Good

  31. I am not one for a lot of the competition shows that become “silly” with a last minute weird ingredient or wacky flavored cupcakes nobody would eat. I love watching the Pillbury contests as the food is real and stuff I want to cook. If I had to be put to a challenge, I would definately make smothered pork chops as it was the first dish I cooked when I was dating my hubby and he loved it so.

  32. Mary-Lee says:

    THIS week, it would have to be kale chips, because that’s what’s growing in my garden (kale, not chips!) and our two sons actually ate some…

  33. My sweet noodle kugel would be the recipe for me to enter. My family, especially the grand kids can not seem to get enough!!

  34. right now it would be my chinese chicken salad when it is sooo hot and humid and everything is so fresh fromt he garden…but my paella is killer too.

  35. I would go with my signature, crowd pleasing Pecan Pie.

  36. Would have to be my epic Chili !

  37. Robin Douglas says:

    I’d make my chicken pot pie.

  38. barbara n says:

    My favorite thing to cook is beef wellington! It’s my go to dish for company!

  39. I would bake one of my most requested desserts-molten cakes, I have a few versions one more popular than the next. Theres a chocolate chip one, a peanut butter one and some regular chocolate ones-something for everyone. You can never go wrong with them.

  40. Denise Evans says:

    I would make my carrot cake with cream cheese icing (in a bunt pan so no need to layer). The only spice used it cinnamon, but even people who do not like cinnamon love this cake. When asked to potluck I am always asked to bring this cake.

  41. I would make roast chicken on a bed of artichokes, lemons and onions; it’s a guaranteed crowd pleaser; whenever I have a dinner party, invariably a guest will ask “are you making that chicken with the artichokes?”. I’d love to win; this sounds like a great cookbook.

  42. Karen Minehart says:

    This is hard!! I guess it would have to be my chicken spaghetti sauce….loved and requested by many (even for Easter dinner!)

  43. Kristie M. says:

    I would make chili and cornbread. Yum!!!!

  44. I’d be makin’ a carrot cake…it’s my signature!

  45. JEFFREY HUGHES says:

    Szechuan Chicken stir-fry definitely, or wait, maybe Chicken Korma. Too many to choose from.

  46. Brown butter chocolate sauce cookie ars :)

  47. Christa says:

    Peach pie :)

  48. My Caramel Turtle Cheesecake! It’s one of my favorite things!

  49. Challenge me on my lobster mac ‘n cheese!

  50. I would make quesitos, puerto rican cheese danish—

  51. I know it might sound mundane, but my Tuna Noodle Casserole isn’t, and it is requested by family and friends. So much so I have my favorite tuna on auto-delivery with Amazon. My multi-meat Baked Ziti is wonderful and my personal favorite.

  52. Would have to be my double crumbed parmesan lamb rump schnitzels. With chips of course!

  53. Not fancy, but I get requests for my Mac n cheese.

  54. Definitely would be my fresh fruit/almond torte. Simple and beautiful!

  55. Sounds like a fun cookbook! I would probably make my tried and true chocolate chip cookies. They’re nothing fancy but I can make them with my eyes closed and one whisk tied behind my back!

  56. I’d make Pasta e Fagioli soup. First, you can’t mess it up. Second, even if your tomatoes are from a can in mid winter, the soup tastes amazing.

    This cookbook looks wonderful! I love unique ideas done well and that’s just what this book seems to be.

  57. I’d cook korean Kalbi with an italian tomato cream pasta. It’s a mix of tastes but oh, so yummy.

  58. Holly J. says:

    Hmm.. I might make crab cakes or eggplant parmesan.

  59. Well, I am the Cookie Man, so I might have to go with my Kitchen Sink Cookies. But if this were to be viewed us unfair I would cook a braised Southwestern Rib Roast with a mole sauce made from the braising liquid.

  60. Carolsue says:

    I would probably make stuffed cabbage — something my mother in law taught me to make.

  61. My very best recipe is a semi-sweet chocolate cake with a whipped chocolate filling and a chocolate ganache glaze. It’s to die for!

  62. Jessica says:

    Pumpkin chocolate chip cookies! They’re moist and delicious and are always a big hit!

  63. Katharine says:

    I would have to go with my Root Beer Float Cupcakes! Root beer flavored cake with a rich vanilla butter cream frosting – can’t go wrong!

  64. Buttermilk Pie with Perfect Caramel Sauce

  65. Crystal says:

    No question, I always have to go back to the Italian favorites and mine is lasagna. I make everything from scratch except the noodles. No red sauce, only bechamel and freshly grated parmesan. A very time consuming dish so I couldn’t go on a timed TV show, that’s for sure!

  66. Martha in KS says:

    I enjoy baking – so some kind of coffeecake – maybe blueberry.

  67. Susan Ellis says:

    I love to cook seafood, especially Shrimp Provencale.

  68. Since ut is the season..
    Eggplant Oriental ( baked tomatoes. , onions and eggplant in a marinade) served cold.

  69. Rachel W. says:

    Definitely my mom’s banana bread…throw a little sour cream frosting on top…heaven!

  70. My hubby’s favorite is a remake of his grandma’s recipe, Beef Cakes in Tomato Gravy over Homemade Mac and Cheese. My favorites are Mexican Chuck Burritos or my Chipotle Pulled Pork, I love spicey southwest food. Thanks Kate, I’m no fan of tv cooking comps… but this book sounds awesome!

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