And The Cookbook Sunday Winners Are….

I’ve done quite a few cookbook giveaways on my blog over the years, and I always ask for a particular kind of comment as the way for folks to enter.  Depending on what I am asking (favorite dessert, favorite thing your mom used to cook for you, etc etc), I always get a fun group of answers.  But I have to say, this is the first cookbook giveaway where the comments actually made me cry.  Happy, emotional tears from all the amazing answers to the question “tell me something that you relish in your life,”  inspired of course by the title of this wonderful book I am giving away, RELISH.

I’ve spent the last few weeks reading them aloud to the Southern husband at the end of the day as they come in, and the things you relish are so moving and essential and wonderful.  Playing with children and grandchildren.  Planning a daughter’s wedding.  Walking on the beach.  Crisp buttery toast.  Cooking for the family.  Watching babies sleep.  Being quiet.  Being grateful.  And overwhelmingly the most repeated comment, spending time with the people we love.  Over the past few weeks as I’ve been watching all the frightening things we’ve all been seeing and hearing about on the news, your beautiful thoughts have reminded me over and over again how much goodness and love there is all around me.

I wish more than ever before that I could send a copy of this lovely book to every single person who left me a comment, but I did have to let pick these four for me.  And so here they are:

#42, Kimt, who said: Cooking together…spending time at the end of the day discussing our day. Family plays a huge part in our lives…food being front and central.

#53, Souzie, who said:   I LOVE LIFE and I relish and savour all the beautiful things life has to offer. I start with this approach:  I believe that if you think in a multi-dimensional way you start to see all the wonderful hues of the spectrum of colour and your taste buds awaken too!

#94, Cyndi, who said: I relish my family and great food. Thanks for sharing.

#102, Carl, who said: I relish my daily beach walks with my wife and my dog. We’re a good group.

To everyone else, I just need to say a heartfelt thank you, and that my family relished your sweet and inspiring comments so much.  We truly did.  I’ll be back tomorrow with the Cookbook Sunday giveaway for May, so please come back and take a look!


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