And The Verdict Is…

The “Name That Ex-Teenager” contest was definitely the most lively one I’ve ever had on this here blog.  Usually I describe the giveaway, ask for comments, quietly agonize that I can’t give the giveaway to everyone who commented, and then get to pick a commenter at, well, random.  I have my winner, and all is well with the world.  But not this contest.  Nope, in this case, there was an outside winner-picker.  The no-longer-a-teenager herself.

She watched the suggestions like a hawk all week, and three of them quickly rose to the top as her favorites: the Brown-Eyed Girl (which I also loved since it was a song I sang to her when she was a baby, and maybe sometimes sing into the phone to her still?), the Clemson KAT (for Kappa Alpha Theta – get it?   Clever!!), and the Southern Daughter.  I pointed out that she was born in New Jersey.  She pointed out that her daddy is from Georgia, she goes to college in South Carolina, she says yes ma’am and no sir and y’all, she now loves grits and all that makes her at least 50% Southern.  One day I will learn not to argue with teenagers, or recently ex-teenagers. They have a lot more energy than I do.

The debate about these final three was still going on (with some help from her friends) late last night…and by late I mean 10pm when I go to bed and they are just revving up…and so I said for her to leave me a note, because I needed to get this post published by 10am this morning.  For her, 10am is the middle of the night, so she promised to leave me that note.

It’s now 8:34 am as I type, and guess what?

Yep, no note.  So in about an hour I am going to have to do something I secretly, wickedly love doing.  I’m going to have to send this one in to wake her up.

This will involve a 70 pound hound dog jumping on her bed and vigorously, juicily licking her face.  Just what someone who probably went to bed at 3am hopes and dreams for…stay tuned….

Oh yes, that went over as happily as I thought it would!  But we do have an answer, and the verdict is:

The Southern Daughter!

Thanks so much to Wendy Blue for the winning suggestion!  But because the other two were SO close, I’m also going to send a smaller but still wonderful set of her favorite childhood books to Leah, who suggested Brown Eyed Girl and to Jori who selected Clemson KAT.

And they all lived happily ever after…Kate, the Southern husband and the Southern daughter.  The dog may be in some trouble with one of us today, though..



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  1. Karen Nelson says

    I agree… a winner! Enjoy the Holidays… Merry Christmas, Happy Birthdays,
    Sweet Anniversaries and take care of each other<3!

  2. says

    From someone who grew up in North Carolina and has lived all over the world, since then, I still often feel like a Southern girl.
    I am told I still sound like a Southern girl.. nuthin wrong with that :)
    Happy Holidays ~

  3. Shel F. says

    Been waiting for this all week! Congrats to Wendy, and yay for The Southern Daughter, who is wise beyond her years.

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