The Treasured Recipe Winners!

A few days ago I posted about our hurricane experience, as as part of that post I talked about this wonderful community cookbook I was lucky enough to be a part of, and the main reason for today’s post is to name the two lucky winners of this chock-full-of-great-recipes cookbook.  But first, I have to talk about the response that hurricane post.  Because while I am lucky enough to live in the kind and caring community that is my home town, I am also so blessed to be part of the kind and caring community that reads Framed Cooks, and I never felt it so much as when I read all your comments.

All through the past few days I’ve been reading through these stories of both loss and gratitude, and above all so much comfort and hope and care.  And I need you to know that all of you, writing to me from your particular corners of the world, shed some light into my part of the world here in storm-tossed New Jersey, and so once again I need to say thank you.  Thank you – for your stories, for your kindness, and for showing me one more time that the world is full of good, good folks.

Never have I wished more that I had something to send every one of you, but since I have just two cookbooks I once again let do the hard work of picking these two winners!

Yolanda:  I live in Mesquite, TX. My favorite thing is Paschall Park, there’s a walking trail that my husband and I really love. There is wildlife and butterflies. Beautiful.

Erin D: I love how safe and quiet my hometown is. Now that I’ve lived in more urban, upbeat areas, I’ve grown to miss the slower pace of my suburban hometown, especially its lack of traffic.

But to every single person who commented, and everyone who has emailed and tweeted and left Facebook messages and everything else…I’ll just say it one more time.  Thank you.

Kate xx



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  1. Karen Nelson says:

    Big Congrats to
    Erin and Yolanda!!:-)

  2. Karen Nelson says:

    I am goingto order online! I love cookbooks from
    communities and organizations and this one looks
    great! Also… did u do the photography? Just wondering.. have a great weekend:-)

  3. Congrats, Yolanda and ErinD!

  4. Yes, congrats to the winners. I loved reading all the comments on what p;eople loved about their hometowns. I’m going to order that book, too. Community cookbooks are a rare treat.

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