Hawaiian Barbecue Pulled Chicken Sandwiches

I think the only thing possible better than pulled chicken barbecue is pulled chicken barbecue that cooks by itself all day long in the slow cooker with pineapple and onion and a jar of spicy barbecue sauce that you forget about until you walk in the door at the end of the day and smell pulled chicken barbecue that is already cooked and ready to eat.

Did you get all that?

Good, because every word is true.  But don’t take MY word for it…haul out that slow cooker that I know you have somewhere and try it for yourself.  As I write this I am keeping an eye on the thermometer, which is inching its way up towards 90 degrees.  And when it is THAT hot out, there is nothing and nobody who can make me turn on my stove or my oven.  But the slow cooker…that’s another story.  Because it cooks low and slow, whatever you pop into it is tender and wonderful, and your kitchen stays cool.   Summer is for salads and slow cookers…and this recipe is as easy as it gets.  Toss some nice big boneless chicken breasts into the cooker, along with a can of drained chopped pineapple, some onion, and a jar of your favorite bbq sauce.  (For this recipe, I like a sauce that is more on the tangy spicy side, since you have a sweet flavor coming from the pineapple.)  Now go away and frolic in the 90 degree weather for a while.

When you come back, your chicken will be tender enough to shred into delicious bite size pieces…shred it all up, then return it to the liquid left in the slow cooker and mix it all up.  Now what I usually do next is this: put a pile of soft hamburger rolls in a basket by the slow cooker, along with a pitcher of warm bbq sauce for anyone who likes a little extra on their sandwich.  Then stand back and let the hungry crowds build their own.


Hawaiian Barbecue Pulled Chicken Sandwiches, from Tasty Kitchen

Hawaiian Barbecue Pulled Chicken Sandwiches
  • 3 pounds boneless chicken breasts
  • 1 onion, peeled and cut into chunks
  • 1 20 ounce can pineapple chunks, drained
  • 1 bottle bbq sauce, 18-20 ounces.
  • Hamburger rolls
  • Extra bbq sauce for topping
  1. Place chicken in slow cooker. Top with onions, then pineapple, then pour the whole bottle of bbq sauce over the whole thing.Cook on low setting for 8-10 hours. About an hour before it is done, carefully remove chicken from crockpot, shred it, and then return it to the cooker and stir so it can absorb some of the sauce as it finishes.Serve on hamburger rolls with extra bbq sauce on the side.


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  1. teri@thefreshmancook says

    It is getting very hot here, and I will be trying this next week. It looks delicious, and any BBQ is my favorite food. Thanks!

  2. Amie says

    Thank you so much for sharing my recipe with your readers! I am glad you all enjoyed it so much- it is a huge favorite for us too! I hope you have a lovely weekend!


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