Roast Beef and Brie Sandwiches, aka The Gatsby Arrow

Ok, before I start telling you about the best sandwich in the Entire World, I need to give you just a tiny bit of background, and I will start this by telling you I am a proud graduate of Georgetown University.   That’s right, I am a Hoya, and while I’m not telling you exactly HOW long ago I graduated, let’s just say that Patrick Ewing lived in the on-campus apartment right next door.  You do the math.

Georgetown was a fabulous place to go to college in so many ways.  The gorgeous campus, the fact that we were right in Washington DC, some of the best professors in the world, and a campus pub where I would…well, never mind.

(Note that I am showing you all these lovely pictures of the campus (not mine, I should state for the record) and none of me as an undergraduate.  Nope, those shots are not ready for prime-time.  No sirree.  Anyway, you will note that the cafeteria was NOT included in the list of Georgetown wonderfulness.  Because it was not wonderful.  At all.  Ever.  So every so often we would trundle down Prospect Street to the world’s most fantastic sandwich shop, which is (thank goodness!) still there, and that is Booeymongers.

Affectionately known by the Hoya faithful as Booey’s.  And there was only one thing I ever got at Booey’s…the Gatsby Arrow.  I have no idea how it got that name, I just know it is the most delicious sandwich I know…a baguette stuffed with rare roast beef, Brie cheese and lettuce.  When I make my own version I use a little Dijon mustard as well.  It brings me right back to my college days, only without the blue book exams and the eight track tapes.

So here you go, the very best sandwich I know.  Go Hoyas!

Roast Beef and Brie Sandwiches, with love to Booeymongers 

Roast Beef and Brie Sandwiches, aka The Gatsby Arrow
  • One loaf french bread
  • ½ pound rare roast beef, sliced very thin
  • ½ pound Brie cheese
  • Romaine lettuce leaves
  • Dijon mustard
  1. Split the loaf of bread down the middle and spread one or both sides with mustard, depending on how much of a mustard-lover you areLayer the roast beef on the bottom of the loaf, top with lettuce and then slices of Brie. Place top of loaf on sandwich.Cut into as many sandwiches as you like - this will feed 2-4 people, depending on how hungry those people are!


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  1. Joanne says

    I love that you love brie. Just saying. It means that when I come here, I know I'm in for a swoon. This sounds fantastic!

  2. flaky says

    I would like to dispute step #3. I believe it should say…3. Run & hide to eat it so that no one knows there are Roast Beef & Brie sandwiches in the house.

  3. Anonymous says

    My friends from Madeira introduced me to Booey's (drinking age 18 back then!)- thanks for the trip down memory lane!

  4. Barbara says

    How marvelous! Booey's sounds fabulous and I thank them for introducing you (and now me) to this delight of a sandwich. Of course, brie is good anytime, anywhere, anyhow.

  5. Sooji says

    As a current Hoya, I must say that I love Booey's too! Thanks so much for the recipe! I can't wait to try it out for myself!

  6. Anonymous says

    We live just 30 minutes from Georgetown, so I can't wait to go find Booeymongers and try their famous sandwich! In the meantime, I'll probably just make it myself :)

  7. JL says

    I actually laughed out loud when I opened this post — I'm a Georgetown alum too, and I still live in the neighborhood and can literally see Booey's from my window!

    I'm more of a Georgetowner (turkey, avocado, sprouts) or Patty Hearst (turkey, bacon, melted provolone and Russian dressing) fan myself, but I probably eat four meals a week from Booey's!

    Glad to see the Georgetown/Booeymongers love. Keep it up!

  8. FramedCooks says

    Glad to see so many Hoyas found this post…all of you PLEASE go have an original Gatsby Arrow for me, okay? :)

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