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  1. Pumpkin soup is seriously good stuff. It basically is what I imagine fall to taste like. I especially love that I can walk away from this recipe and do whatever I want in the interim. Like make some pumpkin cookie bars.

  2. Not only does this look beautiful it sounds delicious! I have got to try this. I can't get over how beautiful the pictures look…you are so talented!

  3. I love that you (and your husband) went through the hard work of using a real pumpkin for this soup, rather than the canned stuff. I can't wait to try it and the roasted pumpkin seeds too! Thanks for sharing!

  4. This looks gorgeous! What a great photo of the finished soup. Magazine worthy. It sounds delicious, perfect for fall.

  5. I see those cute little sugar pie pumpkins, think of Martha Stewart and never know what to do with them! I'll try this soup recipe. And oh boy! have I been looking for that pumpkin bar forever!!!

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