No Bake S’Mores Brownies

So, now that I have gone on the record and named my favorite cookbooks of all time (click here if you missed that post!) I can now start telling you about my new favorites.  Because life is better with more cookbooks.

But first, because I am me, I need to give you a little back-story.  While I spend the majority of my time photographing cookies and spaghetti and bacon cinnamon rolls, I do venture out of the kitchen from time to time to take pictures of other delicious things.  Like puppies.  A little while back I was lucky enough to photograph this dynamic due of adorableness:

Can you STAND the cuteness???

Anyway, their owners are almost as sweet as they are, and on the day of our shoot they brought me a delicious box of Fat Witch Brownies.  Which in case you haven’t had one, are the Most Delicious Brownies On Earth.    And just for the record, the Fat Witch people have never heard of me, did not pay me either in brownies or anything else to say this, this is purely my own love and adoration speaking.   This is why I was so excited to hear that the Fat Witch Bakery Cookbook had just been published, full of recipes for unbelievable brownies of every kind…I couldn’t get my hands on it fast enough.  And now that I have a copy, let’s just say that there will be a steady stream of brownie making in my house, and I started out with the incredibly easy, amazingly scrumptious recipe for No-Bake S’Mores Brownies.

That’s right…no bake.  I had my doubts, but I promise you, it’s really true!  You crush some graham crackers into tiny crumbs, and mix in some mini-marshmallows and chocolate chips.  Then you melt some butter with some beaten egg, sugar and vanilla, stirring over low heat until it thickens just a bit.  Cool it down a little, then pour it over your graham cracker mixture.  Toss in a few more chips and marshmallows.  Mixmixmix.  Now spoon the whole thing into a pan that you have lined with foil and pop the whole thing in the fridge.  (I love using a fridge in place of an oven!).  30 minutes later it will have set into a pan full of s’more brownie wonderfulness.

Fat Witch Cookbook!  I have my eye on the Molasses Brownies next….
No Bake S’Mores Brownies from Fat Witch Brownies Cookbook

No Bake S’Mores Brownies
  • 10 graham crackers, crushed (about 2¼ cups)
  • 1½ cups mini marshmallows
  • ¾ cups chocolate chips
  • 1 stick butter
  • ¾ cup sugar
  • 1 large egg, beaten
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla extract
  1. Line a 9 inch square pan with foil, leaving some hanging over the sides,
  2. and grease the foil with butter.
  3. Mix graham crumbs, ¾ cup marshmallows and ½ cup chocolate chips together
  4. in a mixing bowl. Set aside.
  5. Melt the butter in small pot and stir in sugar, egg and vanilla.
  6. Stir over medium low heat until slightly thickened. Cool slightly.
  7. Add sugar mixture to graham mixture and stir well. Fold in remaining marshmallows
  8. and chips.
  9. Press mixture into pan and refrigerate for 30 minutes. Remove from pan using foil
  10. overhang, cut and serve.


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  1. Joanne says

    i obviously need to go To Fat Witch. I walked buy it the other day and didn't go in. I think I must have had a fever.

    These look amazing and I LOVE that they're no bake!

  2. Monica says

    Those puppies are soooo adorble I gasped a little! And the brownies look and sound amazing, I will definitely try them soon!

  3. Indie.Tea says

    Even though I'm a cat person, I can barely stand the cuteness :)
    The brownies sound amazing, especially the 'no bake' (no oven, no heat!) part.

  4. Shelly says

    Fat Witch Brownies….have to google that NOW! They sound delish….
    Can't believe these brownies are no-bake…I think I'm going to have to set that pic as my wallpaper before I try the recipe!

  5. Kate Morgan Jackson says

    EccoGrrl, the eggs aren't raw – you cook them in a saucepan over low heat until they thicken and form kind of a loose custard. Kind of a pourable pudding if you will. Then when the sugar in it hardens in the fridge that's what holds the whole thing together.

  6. Posti4 says

    Made them with my "not yet teenager". Anytime she wants to spend time in the kitchen with me is a good time. Thanks

  7. Kalani says

    These were soooo yummy. I did substitute a third of the sugar or so with Brown sugar because I'm a brown sugar freak!

  8. Lauren says

    I had saved this recipe months ago and just remembered it… perfect quick dessert to bring to a friend's dinner tonight :) Thanks!!

  9. colleen says

    I don’t get it. You use an egg but you never bake anything? Is there just raw egg in the final product?

    • Kate says

      Hi Colleen! That question comes up a lot, and I wondered about it myself until I made these, The egg is cooked in a saucepan with the sugar and vanilla over low heat until they all thicken and form kind of a loose custard (Step #3 in the recipe). It’s kind of like a pourable pudding. Then when the sugar in it hardens in the fridge that’s what holds the whole thing together. It sounds a little crazy, but it works!


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